Eye Strain during Vanilla and Super Street Fighter IV

I wear glasses/contacts and I find myself getting a huge amount of eye strain playing Street Fighter. I play on a 40" HDTV and I sit about 6-10 feet away from the tv. I can play all my games fine without eye strain from Starcraft to Call of Duty to Mass Effect, even watching replays on youtube sometimes strains my eyes :looney:. Anyone have this issue?

Your eyes just have good taste.

I’m going out and guessing that it’s from lack of blinking lol. Usually when I play a fighting game, I don’t blink. Not on purpose, it’s just that I don’t want to miss something. In shooter’s and Rts’, I can look away and come back and still be safe. Eye drops maybe?

no glasses/contacts

i gots 2 pairs of these Gunnar OPTIKS Eyewear ? Digital Gaming Glasses, Sports Eyewear & 3D Eyeglasses | Gunnars.com

everyone should own a pair, theyre so helpful, tv. video games, movies, computer screeens. i highly recomend them, they really do work

ps you can get the prescribbed aswell, a bit pricy, but defintly worth it, everyone ive told to get thanks me later. but you be the judge

I was thinking of getting those, do you know if they’re okay to wear all day?

I’ve never heard/experienced this before.