EZ Mod Compatability?: SFIV - Madcatz Tournament Editon S

TL;DR is this the TES+ version of the EZ MOD kit compatible with my stick?

Hi there! I recently purchased this old PS3 madcatz fightstick.

I was looking to replace the mother board so I can use this on all consoles, but I wanted to keep the functions of the LS DP RS and lock switches. I did find some EZ Mod kits on Jasen’s Customs but the only stuff in stock is for the TES+. Mine isn’t the plus, again it’s an old PS3 model. Would that work on my stick or should I try my luck on Ebay and look for the Madcatz TE/SFxT/VS/FS Pro EZ MOD?

No. The TES+ is a PS4 stick with a different pcb. You want the Madcatz TE/SFxT/VS/FS Pro EZ MOD. I heard it might be restocked soon, but who knows with the pandemic.