F.A.N.G. Combo/Tech Thread

Want to know what the best punish or Crush Counter combo F.A.N.G. has? Any character-specific combos to maximize your damage? What’s the best no-meter combo you can do? Farthest corner carry? All of these questions can be answered here.

Also, have a crazy set-up to share? A new mix-up that you want others to test out? Share all your best tech as well!

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Anyone got some good bread and butters and good guidelines for fang combos? Maybe some hit confirms or lights that combo into a special or something. I’m trying to get his buttons and some bnbs down while servers are messed up. Then move to setups and the more complex stuff later. Seems like cr lp doesn’t link into anything, cr. mp seems to go into his specials but doesn’t appear hit confirmable. Should I just watch match vids of someone and take notes?

Main things seem to be

s.LP > s.MK(1) xx MP lunge

s.HK > c.MP xx LP lunge

c.HP(1) xx HP lunge or any mist

c.MK links on counterhit into c.MP which is pretty important

s.LP, s.LK and c.LK all link into c.MP on counterhit

s.HP crush counter pretty much only gets you c.MP xx LP lunge or c.HK I think

s.HP crush counter, s.HP xx HP Lunge. Good damage

We have a nice and simple setup post MP lunge

If you immediately jump forward and j.MK, you can catch both forward and back tech, back tech reversal will beat this but neutral tech should go straight underneath you allowing a punish.

Hold charge while doing this and you can do an EX mist on landing, which will dodge most reversals (maybe not Birdie heabutt?) and meaty them if they don’t reversal. If they get hit, cMP xx LP lunge lands

If they DP, you can crush counter sHP then walk up sHK > cMP xx LP lunge

c.HP’s first hit knocks down on airborne opponents and can cancel into specials, so you can AA with c.HP xx LK poison bomb (although this somehow does less damage than just letting both hits of c.HP connect) or c.hp xx EX poison bomb/EX lunge punch. LP lunge seems possible as well but it’s a lot stricter on height/positioning requirement.
Still useful for AAing since c.HP seems to be his best AA option and it poisons. Canceling any of the stuff listed above seems pretty wonky with cancelling into super though, sometimes the super whiffs altogether, sometimes they bounce out of it after the first hit.

Don’t know if this is good or not but after hitting c.mp you can cancel it to lp up poisonball into critical art

Coward Crouch (D+PPP~HK) links into s.MK and s.MK cancels on the first hit into LP lunge/poison bomb. Also links into c.MP/c.MK on counter hit. Cancels into VTrigger on it’s own
A full combo would look like D+PPPP~HK ~ s.MK (2 hit) vtc s.HP xx HP lunge
Not sure how good the crouch is, but I haven’t played with it in real matches much.

sMK(1) combos into MP lunge too

I’m not really sure how to use coward crouch yet, so I haven’t really been looking at it

Desk is putting in work

https://youtu.be/PXsmQjNRw4E i put this in the video section as well but my fault, might need to go in here. Nice V Trigger Combo with a J.HK after super too. Check it out :slight_smile: The inputs are in the description

Why not hp lunge after the st.hp? you get more damage from that.

This was on the front page but may as well have it here as record:

Sorry, guys, im new to all this
what is lunge ?
whats is xx ?

lunge is b,f+p

xx is cancel.

has anyone played with the light poison ball?? Im not sure what people are calling it these days:

you can throw a light poison in such a way where it barely wiffs. this creates a lot of extended combos that may or may not be useful. you can use certain attacks as a spacing tool to XX into light poison(CR.mp and ST.HK can be used to purposely wiff poison, but spacing is strict and is of course unsafe to do.)

you can do combos that were not possible. these combos can be further extended

ST.HP-(poison hits)-st.lp-st. mk (corner only)

CR.mp-(poison hits)-CR.mp (anywhere)

anyone found any noteworthy combos using this method?

ST.HPxxHP Lunge is cute, damaging, and super easy to confirm. You can do it after a jump in for a little extra damage, then follow it up after the knockdown with air MK/HK for crossup funtimes.

Dunno if anyone knows this, but his j.lk crosses up.

2 standing MP’s + down forward HP and half a step back is about the perfect spacing for HP. Lunge without getting punished

I’m curious how his super works on block. I haven’t had much chance to mess with it, myself, but I’ve heard it can cross up. Has anyone been experimenting with it?