F.A.N.G. General Thread: Nothing up the Sleeve

Looks like he’s Balrog’s substitute for 4 the Grandmasters of Shadaloo this time around. His stage also makes it look like he’s the boss?


He looks infinity stupid, while also creeping me the fuck out. I dunno why, but that tall lanky fuck gives me the willies.

Looks like there’s a Street Fighter-XCOM-crossover going on, considering they’re putting thin men in SFV.

fix’d, I presume?

i don’t think he’s rog’s replacement. there’s still a statue resembling his likeness.

also lmao @ that bird super

I thought this character looked amazing, really want to main him now. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone from seeing everyone’s first impression of him.

Yeah, Rog got confirmed for DLC, so Sagat’s spot is taken. I’m really about him for some reason… I need to see more.

He reminds me of Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when he became paper thin and with the high pitched voice

It seems so strange having yet another character with a move that goes through fireballs, while also not having that many projectile characters in the first place. All these would make more sense if every character had some sort of projectile… like MK, I guess.

Love that design, though! Hopefully we can see a character breakdown soon.

I just wrote the same thing on a different board. He’s like a Silent Hill weirdo cosplaying a chinese Judge Doom, and I don’t need that drama in my life. Fucking nightmare fuel.

looks like a mix between gen taokaka and ozzy ozbourne lets go

He looks like a Brink character

Also is he just kinda fucking creepy/goofy or is he a gay character?

What I’m wondering about is, is he human or a weird Shadaloo design?


Reminds me of this guy from Crash Bandicoot


A character based on poisoning, huh. Now I just want to get my hands on him. D:

I love him! He looks crazy fun!




…oh, right.

Chars cost 600zenny, and costumes cost 400? That ensures i’ll never be buying costumes lmao.

kinda sad that the voice wasn’t actually james hong lol.