F.A.N.G. General Thread: Nothing up the Sleeve

can’t zone forever man lol

I know I know, that’s true but you can force them to feel the pressure once they’re poison and then they start getting sloppy when they come in, and that’s when you should capitalize

you notice it when you work hard for 30 seconds using every trick in the book, then your opponent gets in and ties it up with one three hit combo.

You’re not suppose to zone forever, even sim isn’t ment to, you just zone to set up the offensive.

In terms of this character he’s got all the right tools, his numbers could need adjusting,

Yeah I enjoy zoning for half the round playing perfectly then you mess up an antiair and eat a full jump in V-Trigger cancel combo that puts you at less life than the 6 perfectly spaced pokes and anti airs. Or the 3rd random raw spiral arrow or rashid flying kick after blocking and punishing the first 2 that catches you moving forward a bit and now your almost even on life.

He’s a character that plays on a thin line and thin margins.

Check this out in the main SFV section, I’m thinking doing this with our ex-command dash could really make our wakeup game better.

Also I think it’s too early to call a character bad yet but I admit I’m trying to find an alt too, find myself burning out faster when playing long sets of casuals as FANG because of how you’ve got to be constantly changing your game up at all ranges to be getting any benefit from playing him so being able to switch to someone else for a while to reset and refresh feels helpful for avoiding falling into routines and also for my general sanity.

I still feel his strength is being able to do a bit of everything and keep your opponent guessing and if you’re just focusing on doing 1 thing with him you may as well play someone who focuses on that playstyle and does actual damage.

This has been my experience as well. Reminds me of playing USF4 sim where most characters could just ignore your damage on the way in, although at least FANG’s pressure game isn’t complete garbage.

I’m disappointed that Capcom was so cautious with the scaling on his poison. Given that FANGs V skill and V trigger both inflict the effect, and that a good portion of his toolkit seems geared towards keeping people out, it’s possible that poison was more damaging in previous builds and they decided to nerf it later on. I just don’t see how capcom could think that the poison effect in its current state is worth designing a character around.

I would rather that they remove the poison from his specials altogether and make it V-skill/trigger only if it meant they could bump up the damage significantly (at least double). I doubt poison will ever be powerful when you basically get it for free with every combo ender/projectile hit.

And here I was thinking the exact opposite, I’ve thought fangs poison gimmick was downright op and cheesy. I guess people don’t feel that way.

Poison has every potential to be OP and cheesy if the damage scaling is too high. I assume that’s why Capcom was so cautious with it. But the damage is just so damn low right now that even if you manage to keep them away for 30 seconds through masterful spacing and normal usage, the first combo they land will probably do more damage than all your pokes+poison combined.

It can be useful if there is 30 or so seconds left on the clock and your opponent has a slight life advantage, then you tag them with poison. It prevents you from having to rush them down in that sort of situation, which can be game-winning. But that situation doesn’t happen commonly enough for me to consider poison a successful mechanic.

If it was more damaging maybe, as it is now it’s more like taking part of what would be his special damage and putting it on an interruptable installment plan.

If anything, rather than a boon to him it feels like a way to balance out the tools FANG was given without just going “just make him do less damage” but at the same time the tools don’t feel quite bent enough for that to be necessary.

I’m a filthy casual (and always will be) but since I’m starting out with Fang (not typing all those periods) I figured that I would still drop my noob impressions here. For me I’ve both been out of fighting games for a while and I don’t have much experience with charge characters so it’s a pretty big adjustment for me starting up. Fang having a couple different AA options and being a slower character is forcing my to get rid of some of my bad “Push all the buttons!” habits, which I think is actually improving my game, regardless of how strong Fang is as a character.

With the game being so new and me playing with a less common character at lower skill brackets I’m very much getting some freebie damage in my matches against players that just don’t know how Fang works. Lots of the two hit moves get blocked for the first hit and then hit on the second when they try to move or press buttons. Plus the V-Trigger and poison damage in general just seem to confuse some folks. When I V-Trigger I can see them kinda shimmy back and forth, not sure if they should stay away or how much damage they will take if they rush down.

I’m rather liking Fang so far. I understand that some of the cheap damage that I get from players who don’t fully grok him would go away as I either rise the ranks or just as more noob players get familiar with his kit. But the way that he plays still just appeals to me. The poison, the multi-hit moves, the normals that come out at odd angles, being a charge character in a game with few of them, stuff like that. He’s a quirky character and that’s usually the characters that I like to play.

Wow that is some good tech to consider in a matchup, will definitely test this in traning when i get home. Looks like a tiger knee input. I also highly agree with your opinions on fang

Ultradavid just posted something in the match-ups section regarding fang. He is a credible player, and what is very important to depict about his opinion of fang is that there are no favorable matchups in fangs favor. Hes gotta work hard to get the damage in.

But poison isn’t designed to be your sole damage, it’s to compliment the damage you’re actively doing via zoning or pressure as well as bolster white damage.

I mean if you’re keeping them away for 30 seconds and they’re still poisoned they’re bound to be taking damage from active sources as well. The nearly 200 passive damage in this scenario would be icing on the cake.

And that’s exactly what i love about him. He is hard to master but I have a feeling once you do, the rewards are immense. His mix up possibilities are endless. I really enjoy playing him smartly

nice theory but EX slide is not throw invincible. even if you jump cancel it you are still on the ground and throwable. it’s working for mika because once the move starts it’s hitting the opponent. fang would just slide into their loving arms.

Sure but the damage you get from active+passive sources combined still isn’t high enough to make a keep-away playstyle viable. I thought poison would be a real threat when I first saw FANG’s character preview, so I guess I’m disappointed it turned out to just be a bit of bonus damage. Many players (myself included) thought that poison would be a ticking time bomb that really rewarded FANG for maintaining distance from the opponent. Instead it’s just sort of a nuisance.

“no favorable matchups” is pretty much saying the rewards are far from immense, if they even exist. He’s not a “hard to master” character, like viper, or a puppet master in an anime fighter, he’s more like sean in 3s or dan in 4.

Sorry I’ve just trawled through the matchup thread and can’t seem to find it, is there somewhere else I need to be looking or am I just being blind?

@sage2050 Won’t that depend on the active frames of the grab?

Like if it’s longer than the pre-jump frames you get before the special activates then yeah, FANG will just get caught as soon as the slide activates but if it isn’t longer the opponent should go into a whiff animation and FANG will slide away to safety.

that’s true, i suppose it’s worth checking out to be sure

His toolset doesn’t really cater to 100% long range keep away though. You have to be comfortable at all ranges to get the damage up. He reminds me a bit of juri in that way. His corner game can be almost as dirty.

I’m being optimistic about it partly because the last time i dismissed a character vanilla Gen came out of the woodwork.