F.A.N.G Match Up Thread



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In a sense Guile seems like a better version of FANG outside offensive option.

V Skill booms beat his poison wall, Guile has a some invul reversal while FANG does not, debatable who has better projectiles but Guiles dont have to go in an up arc.


So far feels like Guile’s favor. Not a lot of FANG players out there though so it’s hard to say for sure.


I think this is in Guile’s favour.

V skill + HP booms is way stronger than his poison zoning. You win that hands down and then they have to come in. It comes down to the players at that stage. Guile needs to know FANGs tricks and set ups, block them all and go in when he is at advantage or throw in some flash kicks to keep him honest. Fangs like to jump but late flash kick to the cross up jumping HK is great.


Fang has advantage with a lot of his normals on block. Watch out for his standing hk and his coward crouch kick. I’ve got fooled by those two a lot. Also his slide forward is also one of his best tools to win the fireball game. Honestly is slightly in guiles favor. Guile is more solid and fang is more gimmicky.