F.A.N.G. Match-Ups Thread

If you’re having problems with a specific character match-up, look for advice here!

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Worst matchups IMO:
Ryu, Necalli and Laura

Oh, thank God it’s not just me. I have no idea what to do. She moves too quickly for me to get a good idea on where she will be. Once she gets meter I cant even put down poison once she walks into range.

Then she gets in and I v-reversal away and she hits me before I even get anywhere… It’s a nightmare. I actually enjoy the Ryu match and I play Necalli so I understand that one well too.

Important note about laura that i have learned:

After being command thrown laura has a lot of options. One of them is throwing out a st HK to fish out a counter-hit during YOUR quick-rise. (laura does the hk right after the command throw animation has ended)

If this scenario happens:
-You must block the hit
-EX command dash.
Every button or move(including reg. dash) will stuff and/or produce a counter hit

Unfortunately, our ex command dash is NOT safe from her command throw. so be aware that she can also command throw into another command throw after a quick rise, EVEN if the Ex command dash is still in animation.

Weighing all the options, (imo) it could be a safer bet to NORMAL RISE and deal with a meaty setup, or perhaps backdashing.

I could use some help with the Cammy matchup. Her mixups are really strong and usually make you lose charge. It also seems like a lot of her buttons just beat FANG’s. If I manage to get her to half life or so before she gets in on me I can usually manage a win, but once she’s in it feels like a crapshoot and I have no idea how to get her off me.

It’s weird not being able to EX Headbutt all of my problems away in this game.

LOL I am a die hard barlog fan myself.

St. MP beats her cr. mk. this is important because this is the tool to buffer her spiral arrow. Beats it in two ways:
-St. MP is farther reaching than Cr.mk
-st.mp also hits her during the Cr. Mk animation despite her low profile.

However st. mk is a bit a problem. at worst, this will move will stuffed fangs mp(faster startup), however st. mp does have a farther reach than cammy’s st. mk.

st mk and cr.hp are great anti airs, but watch where cammy is jumping from. If potential to crossup, use cr. hp as this will hit characters a little behind you

as for cammys dive kicks I’ve found that these attacks work best:

Cr.mk can surprisingly beat or trade her lowest spiral arrows: in the range where cr hp cannot hit(right in front of him)
St.mk can beat farther, and higher cannon strikes
CR. HP can beat any thats going to make cammy end up on the other side of you

Ex SA, of course, will trade at best.

Unfortunately I understand that you cannot keep a person out forever. I will share further inputs after having more experience with the matchup

I’m really struggling against FANG with Ryu. What is it that gives you a hard time?

what in particular are you have trouble with?
If you can throw down your poison bomb before he chucks, you will win the fireball war against ryu.

be patient; many of his moves are + on block(edit: cr.mp. +2 on block, as well as all versions of lp and mp’s are 1-2+ on block)

his sweep is very unsafe on block(edit: after looking at frame data its -3 on block)
cr. hp is very unsafe on block(-8)

crouching will extend your hitbox. be aware of cr mk range. fangs st mp can stuff it clean and has more range. this is the same for cr mp.

CR.hp is not the only anti air. there are many other options:
st mk
cr. mk
j(or nj) hp
j mp

they are all capable of beating a jump in clean

For mika don’t try to command dash or ex dash also she can grab you out of it.

I actually play ryu and had a hard time against my friends fang. I was trying to fiND out why some people here were struggling against ryu so that I can use it to help me.

I’ve come to figure out that it’s probably best for me to try to stay up close and abuse frame traps. Fangs range was giving me a really hard time especially because I wasn’t playing aggressive enough up close.

The main thing I struggled against was fangs pressure of St rh (I think it’s plus), his oki game with poison cloud into his command dash crossup and the neutral because the threat of his command dash under firebslls. Even when I baited the dash he would vary the range which would make me whiff my punish and blow me up.

I feel like against Ryu, which is a really tiring matchup that if they want to zone you can just slowly wear them out. Trap, v- skill, dodge fireballs/trap to build meter till it gets close and then react to what he does. I feel like HP up balling back is ok after you’ve blocked a fireball or he’s paused and your trap blocks a hit but I don’t think you can keep up with Ryu’s consistency. Plus he can just jump back to dodge them and you’re left in the animation much longer so a lot of the time I’ve had Ryu’s blocking before my projectiles hit and I’ll still be in my animation and forced to block his. You have multiple ways to get around the fireball game, so I kinda feel for your sanity it’s better to do that than to just straight up compete with fullscreen Ryu fireball spam. Mind games and slowly getting leads with poison and screen positioning seem to be the way to go for me for now.

scoot, is that you?

Any thougts on fighting M.Bison?

I don’t think I’ve fought any good Bison yet, so far I have not had much problems keeping him out. Focus being on having a poison bomb on the ground at all times.

Yeah, how’s it going buddy? Been a long time.

So the match up for sim.

Sim st mp can be stuff with the following buttons. St.mk, St.mp, cr.mk traps MD and hvy.

SIM St.hp. > cr.mk, St.hp and traps.

Sim St.mk > St.mk, cr.mk and traps.

Sim St.hk > cr.mp, cr.mk, st.mk, st.mp and traps.

Fang ST.MK stuff Sim ST.MP,MK AND HP. I use this more.

Note on block I have not seen anything to punish with.

If you to get a CC u can dash command and get a combo.

Good mate, moved from europe to asia and quit sf for a few yrs but sfv has brought me back to the fold! Hope u and ur bro are well.

Anyone have tips for fighting Karin? I can’t really get anything set up before she’s on top of me.

zone and AA she has no good way in from what i have seen.

I seem to have difficulties in anti-airing his devil stomp. Any tips on this?