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What are F.A.N.G’s unlockable titles? Curious whether Hell Mode is worth my time (spoiler: it absolutely is not)

So fang applies poison with a ton of attacks. All hitting special moves, v-skill, and v-trigger all apply poison.

  1. These are all the same kind of poison right?
  2. Poison cannot “stack” right? Hitting them with poison when they are already poison just refreshes the 8 second timer right?

You’re right on both accounts. I wish V-Trigger’s poison stacked with other sources, would help it feel a bit less lack-luster.

Yeah that’s lame. I definitely think v-trigger should be a different kind of poison that stacks with the original kind from the rest of his moves. His trigger feels like the worst in the game.

its definitely not as bad when you are zoning, they almost always have to take some kind of poison if you throw it out

His v-trigger is a complete joke, besides using it as a combo extender or to recover quicker. (Which you can use for pretty much all v-triggers.) I’m not sure how they thought this passed for a v-trigger.

Agree, as it is now it’s the worst VT in the game. It should have had an added property, something like its poison draining life at a faster rate, and stacking

The idea behind his VT is that it allows him to get a full combo whenenever he backdashes behind, otherwise he’s stuck relying on st.hk which is kinda iffy if they know how to fight FANG.

I’ve been thinking of some added properties they could add for trigger.

-applies double poison tick, which means they REALLY have to move in on FANG instead of playing defensive (which imo fang has an issue dealing with)
-makes his poison not disappear when him being hit
-adds hitstun to his v skill fireball (would be hilarious)

I think FANG has an overall issue with how throws work in this game because he can’t really open people up without the threat of it, but his walkspeed is kinda ass, and he wishes he had Bison’s throw range.

Or he’ll be top tier in a month, who knows

I think its a DECENT VT because it can spark a reaction. Some people walk foward, dash. Others jump over it; some just stand there. BUT its possible to counter there reactions: if they jump you can anti-air. people are walking, they can defent their low game. if they stand there, you can grab before the poison hits. just some examples

That has more to do with character unfamiliarity, I fought a FANG who would pop it out of combos and I just went “wat”.
Oh, and I would pop it when I hit the wrong button for AA, but I don’t think that’s a particularly efficient way of using it.

def out of jumping range lol

his VT is fine. Once you’ve popped it just stay in their face. The poison does a surprising amount of damage throughout its duration. Check a replay if you dont believe me.

Most importantly its VERY good in combos. Shimmy with cr hk into VT and also shimmy into st hp, dash crush counter option select into st hp, VT. very scary options.

It’s not that it isn’t useful, but every other VT in the game is stronger than his

It’s a bit of an issue when the main bullet point of his trigger is the cancel itself which is universal. It is proximity poison but it’s mostly accomplishing something you already may have on the opponent.

It’d be nice if a year from now when they do balance changes that they look into retooling his trigger. A neat idea would be making it a separate poison all together, either by stacking more dot damage, or affecting the stun or special meter. Like, how crazy would it be if proximity poison stopped their meter gain, but if the are also regular poisoned it slowly drains the special meter that they gained? Or vice versa with the stun meter

at this point im not sure he actually needs anything at all and might actually be one of the best characters in the game

The Poison from VT can actually be useful but you have to start playing differently. Instead of playing for setups you want to try and pressure as much as you can. They will stay poisoned the whole time and Whitelife builds on top of poison so you are effectively doing even more damage. Also you can push your advantage harder as you dont’ care about trading with 3 frame normals since the poison is staying active. Basically when you are ready to use VT you want to really apply pressure hard and keep it up for as long as possible. His VT I think should be a big switch for his playstyle.

His v-trigger is anything but fine. Sure, you can use it in combos/recovery, but pretty much the whole cast shares this property.

You’re right about the poison doing a surprising amount of damage from v-trigger, since it’s really surprising Capcom thought the laughable damage it provided was passable. If you make use of the dull duration, it’s about the same as landing a fierce, and a short. This of course will almost never happen in a real match, since it doesn’t stack with your own poison, and you have to be in real close.

Fang’s v-trigger is real bad, and doesn’t change the dynamic of the fight. I’m never going to fight a Fang, and think “Oh man, I better not get go near his grape mist sleeves, or I’ll melt like the wicked witch of the west.” Most of the cast of characters can make you respect their v-trigger in some way, but not Fang.

So along with his trigger being objectively worse than literally everyone else’s, he also has a TERRIBLE v-reversal.

I used v-reversal against the Laura shoulder… the one that’s -2 on block… I used v-revesal on the first frame possible there… darted to the other side of Laura, and got punished with super for my trouble.

So yeah he’s super fucking negative EVEN IF YOU V-REVERSAL A BEEFY MOVE LIKE SHOULDER.

The only v-reversal that’s worse may be Vegas.

If you think this dude is one of the best in the game you are high as shit. He’s just a shitty version of sim. He may not be total garbage, but he’s far from top tier.

Also just for the record if they sit in his v-trigger for the entire time, they take 140 damage… But they should probably taking poison via your other special moves anyway if you are playing right. So yeah it’s fucking GARBAGE.