F.A.N.G. Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using F.A.N.G.? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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I had a good one versus I’m Still Da Daddy

I’ve not go the hang of Senpukuga (coward crouch) yet but I’m trying to incorporate it into my game.

He backed off when I guess he should of gone in. He was waiting to hit me with the CA so I just hung back. Usually they teleport in but I guess he wanted to save his V-Trigger for damage.

https://youtu.be/PXsmQjNRw4E here you go. Nice V Trigger into CA Combo with a nice J HK after Super too


Match against an R. Mika player. Main reason I wanted to upload it is because the coward crouch is particularly useful against her. c.HP does not work well vs her Drop Kick move, but…

Nice! Next time I play I plan to make heavy use of coward crouch and the DP slide in anti air situations and experiment. St. MK is a situational button, but I really like it. If you find the right spot it’s another good anti air option.


Just a match with my FANG. I’m finding Karin tough to deal with.

you seemed to do just fine besides bad spacing and whiffed punishes. besides that it looked fine.
in my opinion i almost never use his sweep. theres no reason to ever be risky and use it even if you know its going to hit. max range st. mp; karin really cant do much about, and it hits her out of jumping alot of times.

I noticed Infiltration played Fang in a ranked match, but it wouldn’t let me watch the replay. :frowning:


Here it is:


I found(?) a pretty impractical combo with Fang while messing around in training mode:


How do I post videos on here?

Just copy and paste the link to the video. All the ones you’re seeing are probably hosted on YouTube.

Have y’all seen this before?
With the input leniency looks like we have charge partitioning

I played two good games against a Bison with a 54 game win streak,I didn’t play it perfectly but there is some stuff in there for people who feel like it’s impossible.

!!! Thanks for posting this.

Using the dash to avoid the head stomp is a really good idea. I keep trying to cr hp it, but sometimes I just trade or even lose.


Posted in the tech thread but I’ll repost here just incase, how to OS lk dash after a crush counter hp:


[quote=“Chocobuny, post:17, topic:177876”]

Posted in the tech thread but I’ll repost here just incase, how to OS lk dash after a crush counter hp:


How does that work?! Wierd!

I can’t seem to get that option select to work for me, is there some other trick to it? While having counters off, the dash still comes out. I turned on the key display, and when I get the inputs correct, it still doesn’t work for me.

There is a timing to it. If the dash still comes out, you are probably inputting it too quick. It’s more about wasting time than getting the timing perfect, you are trying to cancel the lk dash as late as you can. I’m not a technician but I think it’s because when you get the crush counter the game freezes for a little bit and gives you more time to cancel, but without that time freeze your lk dash input is outside the cancelable frames of st hp.