F.A.R.G.O. Best Show on TV; You MUST Watch


In this day of Zombies, Crystal Meth, endless police CSI shit, and Medieval Incess, its refreshing to find an original show that delivers every chance it gets.

Its going to be a 10 episode limited series (with this cast at least) and if you haven’t already heard, its the best show on TV, and delivers more than BReaking BAd.

Good. Evil. Right. Wrong. Standing up for what you Believe in. Believing in something to Live for. Human Nature. Survival of the Fittest.

Everyone owes it to yourself to watch this show. If you haven’t already heard about it yet, you will soon.

And its easily one of Billy Bob Thornton’s BEST performances. This show is basically a 10 hour movie.

Watch It.


No where near as good as Breaking Bad, personally the only thing I find entertaining about it is that it’s based on a true story, I will probably rewatch the movie at the end of the season.

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So erm whats it about then? Am kinda hoping its methhead zombies banging each other in incestous relationships at the crimelab but I could have read the OP wrong.


Ahahahha Actually its not based on a True Story. Thats Coen Bros’ Pro-Trolling since 1996.

And I find it to be a lot more intriguing and better pace than BrBa. However its two vstly different stories being told.

Crusades - The best thing for you to do is just watch the First Episode, not knowing anything about it. If you’re not hooked after the first episode, then don’t watch.

But you WILL be hooked after the first episode. Critics says “Best Pilot Ever”


Fargo, the famous Canadian murder story. I have no idea why OP used abbreviations, it’s just Fargo.
And calling it better than Breaking Bad after only 6 episodes is kinda silly.


If I compared the first 6 episodes of BrBa (or 12? cuz 1/2 hr vs 1hr) I would go FARGO for sure. And I was watching BrBa Season 1 as well so yeah.

And its not a famous Canadian Murder Story. Your grossly misinformed about this show.

Did you even watch Episode 6? Crazy.


I did the show is “okay” it’s well put together, and no it’s not better than BB bad. Judging a show solely on the first 6 episodes is ridiculous.

Best show on TV right now is Hannibal :coffee: That will redefine your understanding of the word crazy…

So the film was inspired by a series of different crimes, but the Coen Brothers told it as if it was just one event http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo_(film)


I think I will just watch the movie about the japanese lady that thought the movie was real and goes out to find the hidden loot.


I’ve heard good things about it but dude there is such a thing as overselling. I wouldn’t really call a film to tv adaption (or sequel or whatever it is) original


For those who are judging the show solely based on what people who haven’t watched the show are saying, listen up.

The show has little to nothing to do with the original Fargo. Same General Area. But totally different Characters. Totally and completely different scenario. Different Towns/Cities. The only connection is the “money” which only plays a side role, not the focus at all.

If you watch the show, you will get the vibe that the Coen Bros were like “Damn, how is BrBa getting all the Attention. WE created the original BrBa situation. We can make a TV show and tell a better Story about BrBa.” Although its a different writer (who is excellent btw) Coen Bros are the Exec. Prod. and you can definitely feel this was their aim.

Over Hyping? You would think that. Except each episode gets better and better. I even thought I overhyped myself before Episode 6. Then episode 6 was like I was watching the Series Finale. And there are still 4 episodes left.

Please, watch just the first episode and tell me you’re not hooked. You DO NOT need to watch the original Fargo to know anything about this Movie. The original just gives you the basic premise of the small town Nature of these places. Fargo is a seperate City where a “crime syndicate” is housed, but thats all you really need to know.

Trust me. If you watch the first episod you’ll be like WTF I NEED MOAR!!


Bump so everyone can watch and catch up before Tuesdays episode 7


I dont want to watch it now because of the OP.


Thats a pretty stupid reason not to watch the show. Children will stay children I guess.


96%-98% on Rotten Tomatoes can’t be wrong.


Hannibal 100%



I know a guy through my work (which has nothing to do with tv!) who’s been working on this show.  Nothing flashy, just some lower-rung stuff like sets and lighting.  Anyway, he’s been involved in tv series production for a number of years now, and just a couple of weeks ago he was telling me that this has definitely been one of the most enjoyable projects he’s ever worked on.  The sense that I got from him is that the whole crew in general is having a really good time making it.

Not that this necessarily informs the quality of the final product in any way.  It’s neat to hear, though.  I would hope that their enthusiasm shines through.  If nothing else, I imagine it could be somewhat indicative of a well-managed project, which is probably the kind of thing that is likely to shine through?  I mean, I don’t know.  I don’t really watch much tv.


This show’s getting interesting.

All Lester had to do was walk away. What an idiotto let his newfound ego get in the way.


Damn nobody is watching this shit? Best show since True Detective I think it may be better depending on how the finale goes.


Been trying to preach the greatness of this show. But people get offended when you tell them it’s way better than GameThrones (which is shit) and on par with Breaking Bad (Fargo’s more interesting and intense than BrBa).

Even better than True Detective as well. A lot better I believe. The storytelling in True Detective was quite off base.

One more Episode. After everyone gets Disappointed with GoT S4 Finale, they’ll have a few days to catch up to a Real Show.


You said none of these things, and you need get onto Hannibal