F*ck it. I still love akuma despite the nerfs

Sure I b*tched about quitting the game & how capcom has screwed us while everyone else got buffs. & sure it really sux because Akuma in AE was pretty much perfect. But hey! We’ll find more vortex setups & oppourtunities!! Im sure we can agree that playing akuma requires alota practise so we’ve all spent hours in the lab finding little setups. We’ll do it again! Whos with me!

Love doesn’t win matches, but we’ll see how it all turns out.

I love Akuma as well and will definitely stick with the demon like I had after the nerfs from vanilla to super and then to AE, only reason I’ll ever decide to switch is if I saw that I’m getting more frustrated than having fun. I don’t play at super high levels so if I’m not having fun, there’s no point for me to play the game.

Best fucking thing I read

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Damn right, the glass is half full.

Akuma is still strong as has a stack of wicked options. We’ll see how this pans out.

I’d rather quit the game than drop Akuma, i dont have the time nor the will to learn another character.

I’m afraid to say Sakura has seduced me and there might not be a way back for me :’(

Will just have to wait and see…


Anyway, I think I’ll just wait and see for now, maybe alternating with some other characters till AE 2012 drops, just to have fun.

Chances of OP maining Evil Ryu in 3 months time = 90%

I have to stay with him, hell I have to. The symbol that is on his back I got tattoed on my left arm…Lol
So for better or for worse, I am staying with him.

Lol thats dedication man. Respect.

I always play the character that seem to be awesome an cool to my eye, so even if Akuma was the worst character in the game i would pick him. Actually ive done it with Johnny on Guilty gear XX to AC :stuck_out_tongue:

The love is eternal, but damnnnnn… In our case, with these nerfs, it borders SM hahaha o_O

I will probably still main Akuma. I’m mostly worried about the DF overhead nerf because I use demon flip mix-ups a lot… I still think Akuma will be well above average in the game, especially with the major Yun and Yang nerfs, but I do consider myself somewhat of a tier whore because I do want to win and to know I am maximizing (or close to it) my chances of doing so with my character choice, so I am not COMPLETELY opposed to switching…

The thing is, I’m not sure what other character I would main. I might just learn a new character and keep co-maining Akuma because honestly after maining Akuma for well over two years, I’m not too concerned about losing my Akuma game in a way that a couple of days of hardcore practice couldn’t bring back at any time. The thing is, I’m not sure if there is a character I would really enjoy playing that is going to be significantly better than Akuma in AE. I would love to play Seth and he will be very good but I am not sure he’ll be worth switching for. Sagat or Ken could be fun, but again I don’t think they’ll be significantly better than Akuma. Fei is the only one I can think of that might be worth changing to, but I just find him kind of boring. We’ll see.

And if they undo either of his nerfs after the loctests, I can’t imagine I’ll switch.

I am for now, since you know…you’re (I guess, if you are actually Tokido?) the main reason Akuma looked interesting in the first place (from Super to current). The nerfs both suck, and I guess in a strange way help someone who is still trying to learn all of the timings and ranges for them. Just means I won’t have to spend as much time learning something that will be obsolete soon, especially if some other tech comes out of it.

I haven’t really settled on a secondary character though. In Super I was a low tier whore, but not on purpose with characters like Gen and Guy–who both sucked initially. The upcoming changes to Guy look very interesting, and I may have him as my second for another mixup based character.

You would think Akuma just lost every tool he has going on some of the posts here. Compared to most characters (Lolyang) we got off easy and Akuma is still boss.

for DF Palm i guess snice it will be blocked 95% of the time now we could go for a cr.lp tick throw.I guess we will have to see how much this will effect our game play. :shake:

Just so people know Im not tokido. Im just a fan like everybody else.

you know, you do have a demon flip throw…