F*ck it. I still love akuma despite the nerfs

Winning isnt everything. I go to tourneys and don’t do insanely well, but semi-well known players have complimented my play and for sticking with a hard character.

Between winning with an easy character and respect for sticking with a hard character, I’ll take respect

when you go to a tourney does anyone play with a wired 360 afterglow controller or that new PDP Fightpad controller and are they even allowed i have a Mad catz sf4 arcade stick but its meh i play better with a wired controller.

Why is Akuma getting weaker and weaker in every incarnation? Hell, his Oni form is WEAKER THAN BASE AKUMA.

Honestly though, I can live with every change except one: For some reason they took away his best win quote (from Vanilla SF4): “Open your eyes and gaze upon the man who has broken you!”

Lol why did they took that out in the first place?

I don’t know, but that removal has broken me :(.

I totally respect your attitude of sticking with Akuma and not wanting to play a braindead character. That said, I don’t consider playing Akuma to be exceptionally noble… It’s not like you’ve stuck with Claw since vanilla arcade or only play with Hakan :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww damn it! I loved that quote and had never noticed its absence. I guess they took it out because it’s pretty provocative (very hateful/humiliating)? So are most of his others, though… Is the cat and mouse one still around? And they added Oni who picks up his opponent by the hair like he’s about to scalp or decapitate him or her, so thats a bit inconsistent haha

One of my favorite things about Akuma is his win quotes and how his motivation is pure destruction/dominance. People talk about how “masculine” 3S Alex is, and I don’t disagree, but if I want to be badass, I’ll take utter death and lack of mercy over “manliness” any day hahahaha