f*ck my life


my 150 dollar hori ps2 (hori2? white back\red buttons) just shit out on me at a tournament. im just wondering if anyone has experienced this and knows a fix. so basically im at a tourney out the stick down for an hour or so and when i find it its completely unresponsive. we were playin sf 3s on ps2 console and then switching over to ps3 for sf4 using converters(inpin converter). ellesd who i may as well call the stick tech opened the bitch up, everything is connected and looks copacetic. ive got it modded with sanwa buttons, just recently, a month or so. 2 things i noticed are the pins in the connector at the end of the wire(the connector that plugs into the ps2\ps3\converter) are not even at all, their all on different heights and the wire is coming out a little where it goes inside that same connector(the plug that goes in the ps2\ps3\converter). help…im too poor for this shit.


Get a PS2 cable from the Tekken 5 anniversary stick or any other HRAP PS2 stick and swap that out… it’s an easy fix and should take care of this issue.


sounds solid except i looked and i cant even find this on ebay. i mean a wire is an easy\cheap fix. taking a wire from another 150$ stick is not. any idea where i would get just the piece i need?


If you know how to solder, hunt down a PS1 DS A or H series pad (around $5) and hack it. You would miss out the turbos, but at least it would be good to go.


mine didnt shit out but my version hrap 2 sa pcb didnt work with my ps2-wii converter so i had to gut it and throw a ps2 DS pad in there. :\ Fuck turbos though.