F-HCF Registers as DP?!?!

Can someone explain to me why i get a DP when I do this input sequence:

F,B,DB,D,DF,F + punch

I’ve been playing Rose, and I find if I walk forward, then QUICKLY do a HCF, I get a soul throw and not a soul spark. I even went into training mode to see my inputs and they are 100% correct. The game is completely ignoring my B,DB,D input sequence. Is this an issue with the lenient input system to favour DPs or what?

I tried searching the forums for an answer, but I couldn’t find anything (plus the 1 minute per search makes it frustratingly shlllllooowwwww).


pressing punch to early and it’s registering as a DP motion. The move priority on a soul throw is higher than a soul spark, so you have to press punch a little later to get the ss. Not too much later, but just a tad.

This kind of stuff happens with Ryu even in SFII. you walk forward and throw a fireball but you get an srk instead.

Hope that helps.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! But no, i’m not hitting the input to early, I even did a test where I delayed the punch and still got the Soul Throw.

Input sequence appeared like this:


only way I got it to work, is to either let the stick go neutral for a split sec, or hold back a big longer before doing the movement. I just don’t understand how the game COMPLETELY disregards my B, DB, D input.

Because shoryuken

Yes you are. At least, some of the inputs.

The game is reading this sequence of inputs:
F, B, DB, D, DF, F + LP

which translates into forwards, downwards, forwards. which equals most, if not all DP motions in the game. slow the motion down and it should work.

There is a priority system in place if you do moves that share near the same inputs. If you do QCF+P, you’ll get a fireball. If you do F,D,DF+P, you’ll get a shoryuken. If you do F,QCF+P, you’ll get a shoryuken. The reasoning is that the shoryuken is on a higher priority compared to a fireball if the inputs are almost the same.

The only way to prevent accidental shoryus is to add a slight pause when you’re tapping/holding forward and then do the QCF motion. Adding more inputs doesn’t erase what you had inputted prior, only time does that.

I believe this system has been around for awhile. The only reason why it’s a huge problem now is that you have a much longer input window, that and lenient inputs.

Edit: Basically, you are hitting it early.

I’m fairly positive this is in every fighting game.

if you do fwd, dwn, dwnfwd, fwd - this input combines 2 special inputs. a hadoken and a shoryuken. Here special priority takes affect and srk will come out.

however if you put a delay in it you can get rid of the problem. fwd, delay, dwn, dwnfwd, fwd. The delay will cycle over the input window so the dwn will register as the first input rather than the fwd. Typically in SF games, we keep the the input window small to prevent accidental inputs from over lapping. Since sf4 was designed to help new players, they increased the input window. So the delay you need on the fwd will be longer than it is in 3s\cvs2\ST.

so you can see how an increased input window with shortcuts is frowned upon by the more experienced players. These buffers aren’t very appealing IMO.

Damn, it’s annoying :confused: wish it was tunable… At least it affects everybody!

yup I cant do ultra properly at times because Im inputting to quickly.