f*ing rip off!

angry rant time! normally I don’t do this but this shit is ridiculous! these fucking colleges ripping the common man off! I bought a used book for my class, and I was just trying to get a jump start on my classwork/homework. So yeah I’m in the class and the instructor is like “oh well now everything is going to be online” and I figured this would happen but when did the simple idea of paper and pencil become obsolete? Anyway, the book was suppose to come with a code or whatever and they send you to this site where you have to do all the work. But, since I bought a used book, the code isn’t fucking there! So he’s like well if it’s a new book then the code should be in there, but what about the people who got used? Why punish them!? Because seriously, the code is nowhere to be found in this goddamn thing. Why the fuck do we need codes and all this other shit now when we were just using paper and pencil just last year? So you spend like 200 dollars for a USED book, and then you gotta fork up another 84 dollars just to get some fucking code to do my homework? Let that sink in for a moment: I NEED CODES JUST TO DO MY FUCKING HOMEWORK?

Why turn this shit into a goddamn video game? I have the fucking BOOK so why do I need to do it online anyway? So they force you to buy the book, but what they don’t tell you is that there is a pretty good chance that the “code” has already been used. SO WHY FUCKING SELL IT USED? THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE! People can spend like $300 dollars if they fuck up the pattern on getting the code! This is bullshit!

I hate to say this, but this is pretty common knowledge with college text books. There’s basically no difference in the actual text from text book “blah blah v.3” and “blah blah v.12.”

So how do you get someone to buy v.12 instead of v.3? Put a fucking online code in it that expires after every year or even semester.



P.S Why do you think video games are using codes to go online now?

What class are you taking? Sounds like it sucks.

try the konami code imo.

Colleges are business first place of higher learning second.

I assume by “used” you mean you got it from the local college book shop, especially at a $200 price tag.

Use this for the actual book part of the process, it saved me so much fucking money: www.allbookstores.com

I ended up using cheap knock offs that you could see through the paper they were so crappy… but hey, saved me money and I got my info.

The code thing sucks though, that’s pretty harsh.

Regardless, the book is still good to be used for our course. Your real issue is that code so you can do your homework online. Now is it that you need the code to access information to do homework, or is the code used to submit your homework?

Im guessing they’re given the homework via online and you need that code to even access it.

Could you not ask a classmate to provide you the homework information, maybe split the cost of the code?

I find it really dumb if your college is somehow making all homework be done online though the use of these codes that must be purchased from a new book as this doesnt benefit them in anyway (thats unless they getting major kick backs from the author). The book stores make more margins off of used books sales.

taking up statistics (math 227) right now.

I need the code to submit my homework because he said we can’t turn it in anymore, and it has to be done online. Some girl jump started too quickly on paper and it was all for nothing apparently! Boy was she pissed.

If you opened the used book, you can’t turn it back in to get your money back. Pssh, now I gotta ask my college for the code. But, they charge you an extra 84 dollars for it I believe. Rip-off.

THank you for clearing it up. That is really a bitch move on your college part. Having taking stats as a required course to complete my major, im really surprised how homework can be done online giving the complexity.

I tended to encounter less bullshit like this with the higher courses. My masters level classes had none of this but those 100 level intro classes can burn in hell.

been in your boat before too, man. university/college is a scam with respect to course material. a good reason for this is because a lot of the profs have a hand in the texts so they demand that you buy the newest editions for each course level. if you have spent the time to go through a current year edition vs. the prior year edition you’ll sometimes see that the ONLY difference is the page numbers have been shifted because of a couple extra foreward/contents/blank page inserts. it’s really fucking stupid. i shit you not. luckily my masters courses also curbed the bullshit somewhat…just need to be wary of the non-core courses.

after my first year i just stopped buying textbooks for my non-core courses that were too expensive [i.e. 350 bucks for 200 level cognitive science elective, fuck no] and treaded carefully on whether to purchase new texts for my core courses. i never had to deal with the codes to access homework so that is completely new to me and irks me just hearing about it. thanks for sharing.

pro-tip; certain courses you can get the same knowledge from a different textbook so you could try that. i mean, there’s only so many ways to teach the same stats model so if you can learn the gist of it from a 30 dollar used text vs. a 200 dollar new text then try to cut some costs there. general tip, of course…you’ll have to see if it can be applied on whatever courses you’re taking.
for example, for one of my 100 level psych electives the text cost 150 bucks and it was well known that the prof just rips sentences from the text for his multiple choice exams so if you bought the text and did your reading you could recognize the answers. however, you could just as easily get a good grade by attending lectures or studying about the topic from a different resource. in fact, you’d feel that much more accomplished studying and applying vs. reading and memorizing how the sentence ends.

real classes don’t give a shit about homework.

REal talk, welcome to the world of over priced inferior products. We are the China of education.

007 373 5963 Watch for the flashes & eye blink

I ended up paying the extra 84 dollars for the code, still salty as hell. Dude in the bookstore said “we don’t sell the codes only certain instructors require them.” So fucking dumb man, this was a clear money milker.

I was in the same boat with a few books. What got me was that the college store, which usually buys back books to resell as used, wouldn’t take back any book from me that required any kind of code activation or cd. I sold some online, but still it was an inconvenience.

I feel for you. College these days is business first.

I feel you pain Ephidel, which is why I’m glad I finished school when I did. Pretty much everything in college is designed to separate you from your money; and anything free on campus is technically your tuition being turned into cheap tchotchke crap like [insert university logo here] rape whistles and lead-lined coffee mugs.

Can you imagine what the tuition parents (you guys) will have to pay 20 years from now?

The future is bright.

DLC Homework.

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