f*ing rip off!

I normally don’t buy textbooks anymore (I’m graduating this semester, haven’t bought a textbook since sophomore year) but for my final business class (strategic management) I actually HAD to buy the book.


Make sure you sell your books on amazon… or somewhere else besides the school. My school wasn’t buying back a book, I got $30(Original $60) from amazon. A book the school would give me $10 for, I got $55 on Amazon.

It’s not cash from Amazon, but hey I shop on Amazon a lot.

your university (or that professor) is on some epic bullshit. you gotta pay to submit homework? fuck outta here with that.

there was one prof at rutgers that taught some bullshit ass class (logic & reasoining in the philosophy dept) that people would pull out all the stops to get into. class was a guaranteed A, the only thing you had to do was buy the book new and he’d check that you had the new edition at the final…why? bcuz he wrote it.

Just remember to write it off on your taxes.

wow that’s some bullshit. I remember back in college 2002, i used to just get the syllabus, go to the used bookstore, photocopy all the relevant chapters for like 15 bucks, then return the book. A professor actually gave me that tip haha, and it worked.

Also, for a lot of the lower classes, textbooks weren’t even necessary. The teachers just tested you on shit they taught in class and once i figured that out, i saved myself alot of time and money.

same here (2008).

apparently you can’t do that anymore. that’s really frustrating for me since I want to go back and finish school.

pffft, I had a class in college called Communications. It was offered to EVERY student, regardless of what your major was, and supposedly taught you how to be able to have a discussion in a business setting. All I did was make pretend emails telling people they were fired (in much nicer terms), and write essays on green buildings (environmentally green, not the colour green). My final essay I wrote on how fucking stupid it was to write an exam at 7pm when the hockey game is on.

The course required like 9 books, and I bought zero of them. We ended up using ONE of the books, just to look at a sample of a certain type of list, and that was it. Something like 800 dollars in books, in a course that was nothing more than a cashgrab that every student had to take, and none of them were even opened.

Fuck college.

damn I wanted to go back to school. Not so sure about that anymore haha. debtttttttttt

I feel you, I just payed 80$ just to do my homework too. Calculus II. I too hate book publishers and their greedy schemes to steal money from broke students. They are really assholes. We really NEED legislation that makes these things illegal.

How I deal with expensive textbooks

  1. Is it available in .pdf anywhere on the web for free (cough)? Yes? Do it…No? Then,
  2. Can I rent the book for 1/3 the price? Yes? Do it…No? Then,
  3. Can I afford a $100+ textbook? Yes? Do it (this has never been the case)…No? Then,
  4. I’m fucked.

My school has a reserve system in the library which allows us to check out books for 2hrs which is usually enough time to get enough homework done so if the book is for a non-intensive class and I don’t want to spend money, I usually just do this. You can also try sharing a book with a classmate or ask them to borrow it for certain time-frames which they aren’t using it (even if you have to pay them a bit). Schedule some type of study sesh or something. Are you not getting financial aid? Scholarships? Book vouchers? I’ll admit, OP’s situation with the whole online code stuff is complete BS, but other than that, there are plenty of resources to work with for at least getting books for school.

OP, what college/university is this/

I kept all of mine. Didn’t see the point in selling them

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