F**k this


I recently bought SSF4, and have been playing for about two or three weeks. I play at least an hour or so everyday, and 5+ hours on some days. I’ve tried nearly every single character, (and yes, I tried “maining” a character and that didnt work out, Abel, Sagat, Ryu, Akuma, Bison). I’ve been watching videos of my characters, and training in practice mode constantly. I understand basic concepts of cancelling,linking, and combos. I can keep a decent record, but thats not the point.

The matchmaking system has been putting my C+ to D characters against A ranked people, who do all kinda crazy ass cross up shit, and I don’t stand a chance. This is consistently, not just every once and a while.

Basically, this post is my one last hurrah. Is there ANYONE who can convince me too keep this, instead of returning it and buying Tekken 6 (hate on Tekken all you want, it doesn’t take 20 years to get good at)?


Thats a lie. Go tell korean players that. All Fighting games have learning curves. Suck it up and play the game. Stop getting crossed up. Jk. Just keep trying!!


Umm. You ever play fighting games ever? Like even at chuck e. cheese or on PSX? You know how you get better? Play more people.


With that type of attitude…you will remain free.
If you no longer have the dedication for this game…then kick rocks.
You think that you’ll be good in 2-3 weeks when most people online have been playing since launch…stop fooling yourself.
Don’t waste yours or anybody else’s time.


The last part about Tekken not taking 20 years to get good at made me laugh. I have both games…And to be honest, Tekken’s harder. And with the mindset that YOU have, you’ll get smacked up and down the screen even worse.
Practice and play more people.


custom match: same skill level