F.mk dash s.hp BNB... on a pad?

I’ve been playing Abel a few months now,(on a pad obviously), and my game is pretty decent, but f.mk into s.hp doesn’t seem possible on a pad with any sort of regularity. (a standard 360 pad)Does anyone here land it with consistency on a 360 pad? Is it even worth trying to get down on my subpar controller?

it’s not a complex enough link that getting a whole stick would help with. it’s purely a timing thing.

It’s actually a 1 frame, so there isn’t any link more complex.

Just like learning a song, it’s all about rythm. Practise it by rythm and not visual/audio cues. After a while, your hand will get used to it.

Then again, you’ll always miss it once in a while. Whether you’re playing online, on a ps3 interchanging with xbox360 very often, laggy tv, wireless controller, or simply because any regular pad has crappy buttons (not as sensitive as a proper stick’s buttons).

Still more than doable. Practise makes perfect. You know what’s hard no matter the practise? Walking 720.

Learn how to plink on pad

Yes it is possible

well except the unplinkable ones

which you can plink with a pad by using start/select :stuck_out_tongue:

this link is damn hard to do!!!
just cant get the timing right.

Time is everything, you got to put in enough time practicing (regardless on pad or stick) and eventually you will get better at it… Ive been practicing it weekly since vanilla and im still only like 70-75% with hitting it to this day (I got into the Plinking Game late =/)

muscle memory ftw :slight_smile:

Niggas need to stop bitching. It doesn’t matter whether you use a pad, a stick or a keyboard.

Training room. If you press the button too late, it will get blocked. If it doesn’t come out, you pressed it too early. Man up and practice that shit.

and the sjc 1 framers

and in fact just about any other combo

this. i use pad, and while im not 100%, i get it out most of the time. Just learn the timing, then combine that with visual cues if u like.
Training Room is free, abuse the hell out of it.

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#1 learn to “P-link”. Go onto youtube… or go onto the srk forums and search it and learn how to do it on a pad
#3 Profit!

Until this day!

After training my balls off with Abel in the Training Room for hours.
And maining him for about a month, I haven’t hit this link once! It first came up in the trial’s mode, and I haven’t got it since, I’m playing on PS3 with PS3 controller, all other links I can do, minus this one! It just doesn’t come out, I have tried timming differently (faster, slower) Plinking, double tapping! I just can’t get it. I think it is tv lag, or the wireless controler, or the PS3 pad.

I dunno, but I have no use for this combo, I’ve given up on it so far, if anyone has any revolutionary ideas. I’m all ears!

There’s no secret to it. Practise practise practise.

You can try to make it easier to get the idea of the correct timing by setting counter hit on in training mode. It’ll give you extra frames to hit the link. When you feel comfortable with doing it on counter hit turn it off and addjust from there.

What about phase 2?

Yo I been playing this game since vanilla, shit was hard. But now I can do it on ANYTHING, even the 360 pad. In fact a 360 pad is easier than stick for me, since I’m originally pad.

360 Cunt-troller
Use your “R1” bumper for default hard punch and your default medium Punch (Y?). Use your right pointer finger to slip off hard punch bumper and your thumb to instantly tap medium punch.

Tl;dr don’t play abel cause he’s gonna be homo in AE.
(this is coming from a tournament abel since vanilla, but lets not get into this…just watch how many old tourny player ables will still play him).

Let me know if I should make a video of this. I could do it for PS3 probably. I could show a stick example too.

what’s the big deal? U2 is useless… TT’s do 10 less damage, his rolls have less hit immunity (you shouldn’t be spamming those anyway), and… uhhh…

oh ya, 10% less damage on ultra 1.

His array of anti airs are still there, his BnB combos and damage output are there, his mix ups from his knock downs and anti airs are still there thanks to his rolls speed and distance being the same.

abel is still a force to be reckened with :karate: