F.mk-dash-s.hp, need combo advice

Been Abel since the 360 release of SF4, he’s very fun to play as. I understand and (most of the time) pull off many of his combos, but I’m missing a VERY important one and it’s driving me crazy.

That f.mk dash to hP is all about keeping that pressure on, and I am determined to master this damn thing. Problem is that after I dash it either doesn’t come out, or it comes out too late and it gets blocked. The hP to COD is such a fast input that even after it connects, my reaction time isn’t fast enough to enter it.

Do I just suck and need to keep practicing this timing, or are there any “tricks” techniques that you use to pull this off consistently? I would love to see some tutorial vids if there are any out there.

Thanks in advance, and keep playing Abel!

For tricks, look up “plinking”.

Besides that my advice is keep practicing, and practice properly, dont mash or anything.

Turn on auto block. If the s.hp doesnt come out, youre doing it too early. Blocked - youre doing it too late. Adjust accordingly.

You can also practice the s.hp xx CoD separately until you’re comfortable with the timing.

Again, practice is key.

I dont even know why i replied to this thread, theres already a FAQ for this kind of question…

edit:read this thread before you wanna post any other new threads “The Abel F.A.Q.: Read first before asking questions!”

you’ve been playing abel for a year and 3 months, and you haven’t mastered his most important combo yet? even so, you should have taken the time to read the thread titles at least like hfz said

Don’t mash hp.
For the hp to cod don’t do cod with hp.
Hit hp and then middle punch cod like you’re drumming your fingers.
Same as if you’re doing cr.mk to medium punch cod.

OR use negative edge.
Press hp, hold it down, do the cod motion, let go of punch.


For plinking in general, I find that I need to hold the buttons for a couple of frames to properly get the 2nd input. If I drum my fingers, fierce doesn’t register in the 2nd frame.
It’s also helpful for me to hit the buttons with more force than I’m used to.
I let the stick go neutral during the dash. If I don’t, more often than not I get c. hp instead (and subsequently punched in the face).

Lastly, I program myself to press the following hp for cod as one motion. It sounds like “parapp-pap” doing hp>cod.

Currently im sacrificing damage when i plink, so when i plink s.hp, i will cancel into mp CoD… i find my execution closer to 100% when i do that so im willing to sacrifice the little damage…

Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate your suggestions, I’ll just keep at it until I nail it down.

I’m a pad player myself (fightpad), I find it much easier to time the hard punch at the end of Abels dash after f+mk, i don’t own a stick so i have never really tried to plink and it just doesn’t seem practical on a pad.

You can plink on pad

Plinking f.mk s.hp isn’t too bad, hit s.HP~MP and just negative edge the CoD.

oh? care to elaborate?

What are all the forward mk combos that are useful?

What combos go into rekka besides a mp, and hp?

only close s.hp and s.lp can combo from f.mk dash, though the latter isnt really useful.

on counter hit though, any normals can combo after it i think since even cr.hp can combo from a counter hit f.mk dash.

for the 2nd question, go to this site for abel frame data, and in the “cancel ability” box, anything with “Sp” means that you can cancel into rekka. Though not all of them combos but i think if you keep the general rule of cancel into a weaker version(cr.mk into lp rekka for example thats medium normal to light special), should be fine i think(with exceptions of course).

More fun if you try for yourself in the training mode, nahmean?

Yah, know what cha mean, dawhhhhhhg, but I like to practice in real matches. I do better against moving targets for some reason.

I do crossup j.mk>c.mk>rekka sometimes.

Been trying this combo for nearly a week and I still can not do it

I know about the whole plinking thing and how you should press HP~MP

what I’m not getting is WHEN you do it. I know you all are going to say “practice the timing” and stuff like that. I just have no clue at what point do I plink

Is there a video tutorial on this? It would be so nice

Use some common sense. If the st.hp DOESN’T come out when you press it, you’re pressing the button too quickly. If it does, but gets blocked, then you’re doing it too late.

“Practice the timing”.

i bet you like to be spoonfed too. lol

oh and this thread isnt necessary anymore,

Read the FAQ thread before making a new thread or posting in a thread already discussing the same thing… over and over and over

Oh and the golden advice: PRACTICE LOL

Make your input look like this:

:r::hp: <-- rekka
:mp::hp: <-- plink
:r::mk: <-- step kick

Don’t bother with the jump-in until you can do the link consistently.

The combos are already found, why would I bother to test out to find combos? I’m a 3S player, I never had the luxury to use a training mode.

To expound on this, if you counter-hit with f+mk you can combo st.mp, which works on crouching opponents and is cancellable into rekka. Probably the best use for it since st.fp will whiff most crouching chars.