just a question on the f+mk link to super
do you usually buffer the f+mk into super like
down f+mk down forward super?

or is there way you can like hit confirm it, like after seeing that the f+mk hits immediately do super or something

Thanks all

i do f+mk, roll qcf x 2. if it hits i drum the punch buttons.

Pretty much all the hitconfirms in the game allow you to drum the buttons for super(even Ken’s cr.MKxxSA3).

up till now i couldn’t hitconfirm it at all, i thought i was too slow, and i was trying d,d/f,f+mk,d,d/f,f+super…

now i know i was trying too fast, i didn’t realize i was treating it as a cancel.

then a few days ago i tried as sexpacket says, and it’s much easier than expected :stuck_out_tongue:

you can even link SA2 off of f+mk, so with the other super it’s more lenient than the other usual links.