f.mp reset

ok so i used to use this alot but if kind of come to notice that its actually pretty useless and more of a gimmick then anything because the only thing i really go for afterward is the hammer hook (over head).
is it really worth sacrificing the guaranteed damage of an ex CU or mk.rk just to get your opponent guessingand scroing an little extra (cant remember the numbers but i did check and its less than 50)? maybe im not thinking about it in the right way.

anyway what is everybody else thoughts on the f.mp reset and do you have any nasty mixups that warrant going for the reset instead of the ex CU or mk.rk?

f.mp reset is godlike. occasionally that is. unlike other resets this is a bit limited in its followups depending from which move you do it. f.hk, f.mp is the least favourable since the opponent resets rather quick and far away, followed by hk ruffian FADC f.mp midscreen. ex zonk FADC f.mp can lead to various ambiguous stuff, in particular in the corner, as does focus attack, lp rock, f.mp there.
a mixup is always a mixup, whether you succeed and score damage or not, it always involves a risk for a better outcome. in positions where you can use f.mp it’s mostly a good trade off. might not use it if you hit with a blank hk ruffian and have a spare meter or zonk charged, but other then that it’s pretty neat to use it every now and then. depends on character and player you’re facing aswell.

i see what you mean like its a situation where the opponent has to choose, and he could choose something dumb and that could lead to an ultra punish and its gg.

its mostly mid screen that i think i lacks any use, in the corner where you can get a cl.hp its amazing.

i’ll only do it after crack kick though so ill try it out and see whats its like after hk.rk fadc or zonk.

One of my favorite things to do with f.mp is in the corner, typically after a stun, or a lucky level 3 fa connection: Lvl 3 FA, EX Rocks, St.hp, Cr.mp, HK Ruffian.

At this point, the ruffian has connected meaty, so you can do either another hk rk, a ex cu, possibly a raw Ultra 1 (i havent tested), or f.mp. If you do f.mp at this point, with a good majority of the cast, you can dash forward under, and get in a sneaky cr. lk xx heavy cu, or you can go for a cross over j. mk, or you can go for a grab. This mixup reset at this point usually yields a successful mix up for me about 70% of the time. Although, learning which characters you can fit under takes some time, as it’s decently tight timing.

The nice thing about the dash under not working on all characters is that with the one’s it doesn’t work on, you can still dash, and it’ll LOOK like it’s going to work, but it’ll instead be a fake cross under. You can get really trick with this.

I often use in this situation…