F+mp... then what?



this is a simple question, but what can you do that is safe after landing Akuma’s overhead chop?

I seem to get punished everytime I land it.

Are there any combos, or at least something safe afterwords?

Should you be able to block before getting hit?


It is a 0 advantage on hit so you both regain control at the same time. Just be prepared to receive an attack as soon as you gain control.


so a shoryuken will always nail me unless I block or trade hits?


usually back away after overhead, alot of times people panic and go flowchart on yo azz.



Always back off imo.




Yeah the overhead is a method used to apply corner pressure after frame-trapping with air fireballs. If you don’t feel like backing away after either hitting with it or it getting blocked, neutral jumping or crossing them up is always an option as well, more-so if they’re already in the corner.


down medium punch always works good too cause it will stuff a lot of normals and pokes. except for shoryukens though.


blocking has the best risk/reward IMO >:D


I usually jump away just because it’s not worth the risk to me. Neutral frames at point blank range generally means both players are taking equal risks by doing whatever they do next, but with Akuma that’s not the case considering his health.

Also, rather than making three new threads, you could’ve a) made one thread asking all three questions, or most preferably b) asked in the Q&A thread.


If you have 2 bars, do a HP srk after it. Why not. If it’s blocked, oh well, fadc. Once someone gets the point that yes, you really are that random, you can do other things after it that you shouldn’t get away with. You’ll find that the srk will hit a lot on most people, people tend to press buttons after eating the overhead for whatever psychological reason.

Akuma has a lot of situations where if he has 2 bars random dp is the best option actually…strange but true. This is one of the scariest things about fighting akuma tbh since whenever I face one if he has 2 meters he has no reason not to just fierce dp and cross his fingers at any point at close range.


been trying some of these idea lately, and they have all been helpful. Thanks for all the ideas!




Another overhead. :stuck_out_tongue:


rush that shit down


I sing a song personally, that’s just me.