F+MP vs. F+MK

they both seem very sililar…they’re both overheads and have great range…is there any particular reason people seem to ignore MP for MK? It seems that MP has more frame advantage after it thaN MK, but I could be wrong.

t-mk has faster speed (faster speed?? define redundant.)uhh it’s faster on start up than t-mp, but t-mp has more range and recovers faster.
and of course t-mk is kara so it will always have a special place in my heart

Command strong ends with Elena in the same place. Command forward moves her forward.

i find that an awful lot of people parry f+mp on reaction, so its generally a no no.

maybe not on reaction i know some guys who will just keep parrying forward cause they know you will most likley use it. cause at a certain range it is…!! wait im gonna shut up before i give away to much info on our flair bustin kenyan queen. :rock:

when i say “reaction” i don’t really mean just parrying it any time completely randomly. More like holding db and waiting for the elena player to try an overhead, its much easier to parry if you half expect it. I can do it anyway and im not a particularly good parrier.

yeah, thats what i meant i just described it poorly

if people are parrying your f+forward or f+strong, do a standing jab that will wiff, then kara throw them. they will either stop parrying “on reaction” or keep gettin’ thrown. once they stop parrying “on reaction” you can actually start using your overheads. Players who parry “on reaction” as described above are pretty easily tricked.

i have to say i think its more complicated than you are making out, more complicated than i probably made out in my post as well. sorry for that. I doubt any of these tactics are completely reliable, thats part of the beauty of 3S.

even if that DOES happen once, people can react to the random whiffed jab with any move if you try to throw them. Even having said that, the kara throw doesnt have the same kind of range as f+mk/mp.

well… like i said (or should have said), when you get to theory fighter on this level it does become a bit pointless… so im going to stop for now.

it’s pretty hard to do anything in between a whiffed jab and then karathrow. Her Karathrow is a huge part of her game, I hardly would call anything you can do to be set up in the range to use it theory fighting. Anytime your opponent is getting parry confident you have to start using it.

If the guy is parrying it on reaction then you need to start mixing it in to other pokes more…so long as you’re not just throwing it out every time you see the guy ducking it should really be THAT easy to parry on reaction if you’re pressure poking them.

thank you for the clarification lazy, i didn’t want this to turn into one of those discussions so, i jsut did not respond. i think that it is an advantage to have your opponent “reacting” to your movements. this means he is playing your game. now time to play with his head no? all in all best to not use her overhead to often anyway. just land that crouching mid kick xx super.