F+mp x 2 link



any tips?


What do you have issues with? Confirming the counterhit, the actual link, or anything else?

As far as the counter-hit goes, playing anime games has helped me immensely in hitting them (though the revelation didn’t happen til after final round =/ ) . What you do is juke as if you’re going for a tick throw and press f+strong, then simply press it again as if it’s going to combo. Basically take the risk of the reversal/getting jabbed if you mess your timing and just do the combo. If you counter hit the first one you get the combo and you can just hit confirm it from there into big damage (first time I did this in a match it felt amazing). Same logic applies to crouch fierce too. If they block, you got yourself a block string do what you gotta do.

For the link, just practice that’s all you can do and plink if you’re not already.


Derp I was thinking f+mk as I wrote that. f+mp doesn’t link into itself under any circumstances afaik. What are you asking, are you on the wrong forum?



minute 2:09

i dont think am in the wrong forum


That wasn’t a combo, he just caught that Ryu mashing twice. He got two counter hits, one for each time he threw it.


I remember 34 saying that confirming off of CH f+mk into f+mk was “cash”. he is right. shit is quite cash.


People should be confirming f. Mp directly into st. Hk, st. Hp, or cr. Mp. It’s one of those moves that you should throw out and expect it to counterhit.


F.Mp -> st.Hk -> Ex.MGN -> Free Juggle .Not anymore, in the video, it’s SmugDaBeast, and Smug is Smug ^^"