f +mp

:annoy: :annoy: :annoy:
In the arcade he doesn’t get thrown out of it. In consoles he does . . . .Why the fack did they do that?!
It works so damn well in the arcades!!!:sad:

what are you talking about?

oh, u didn’t know? in the arcade gouki cannot be thrown out of his f+mp overheard …it works sooo well. but he can be easily be thrown out of it in the console versions, which pisses me off and vent on srk.

Yeah…we know about this. It isn’t some deep dark secret. Mainly only higher level players really give a fuck but… but if you know enough about 3S’s arcade scene…you should know this.

My answer to you…buy a 3rd Strike arcade machine or move to California…otherwise stop doing this :sad:.

If you’re going to Evo, Akuma players won’t be able to utilize this either because now thanks to pad scrubs…I mean the convenience of hosting tournaments on consoles…that’s the way shit is. Akuma players will have to just learn to deal with not having a normal attack that keeps them out of throws.

well im glad i live in california. none of my competitive play happens on console, altho it is a bit hard on the wallet.

how much is an arcade machine anyway?

Go to the tech talk forums and ask.

well, i live in cali. but shit still pisses me off when i play dudes on xbl…>=[

The CPS III board + 3rd strike cartridge are usually about $500… then whatever you can find to put the shit in (the cabinet, varying costs depending on the quality and condition) and then to make and install two good sticks is about 60 bucks so I’d say about $660-700 bare minimum.

Don’t play XBL. That stuff is bad for your teeth.

:rofl: for sure.

Besides you should be able to beat those idiots on XBL without f+MP throw invincibility. How many times are you really going to be able to take advantage of it in the lag any ways? Just have a solid game plan and you won’t get thrown. Akuma has WAY more ways to keep from getting thrown than using f+MP.

I’ve seen some high level Akuma footage and rarely do you ever see them actually utilizing f+MP to get out of throws. You just use it on reaction during a poke string to keep from getting thrown out of the next move and that’s if you use it. You wanna be careful about getting f+MP parried down though (cuz then you get owned). Akuma has a lot of options for maneuvering so if you play a good zoning game you won’t have to worry about being thrown.

I moan about this first thing before breakfast and last thing before sleep. I’m surprised you didn’t know already.

That move is incredibly useful in wakeup games and gives akuma advantages in terms of mixups possibilities that without, he just feels shit. It does crazy stun damage, chance to kara a demon off it, overhead, will go through any command throw except for the twins command grab - basically it will really put everyone on the defensive or on the ‘wakeup srk’ mode or parry forward which is risky.

3s arcade scene is dying out fast here, so no point in me moaning…

:sad: that sux yo. i’m glad i live in cali:wgrin:

UltraDavid had a little farewell 3s session at the Trocadero today, and lady luck must have been happy with us because the sticks were working.

Having just ranted about the f+mp, that stuff was fresh in my mind in bitter sort of way, so when I finally got my chance on the cabinet, I abused that move so much… even Alex players were getting stunned once I got them in the corner, and my win streaks were at least 10 wins each.

Akuma is definitely higher tier in arcade than console because of that one move.

/rant no 2

^you see what i mean!? haha, fa sho man. gouks is crazy sick with that move in the arcades. thats why im so horny for it.
yes, i said horny.

In alot of the Jiro vids I have he abuses that move alot. It’s even more powerful especially if you add the occasional mix-up afterward. Either a standing fierce, low mk, or even a kara-throw afterwards. Plus, if they try to parry it it’s easy to go straight into demon. :badboy: