F.R tourny results :/

aight here is the little detail on the event!


1st- Salem paul :confused: (u gotten better but not enough to say u own me)

2nd- Krazyjones :confused: (no sleep 24 hours and no food ownz me hardcore…)

3rd- Jame, sex :slight_smile: (ur sent is still sexy as eva…go magnus :slight_smile: ]

4th- caddles :confused: (look like ur prediction is wrong)

5th- PjC (u like that free money huh! ^_^) ryu own too much :confused:

6th- Pelvis, elvis, pelpiss what ever u want to call him :confused: (what happen dogg tought u gonna take me out free? ) suuuur…


1st- hrm PJC (:slight_smile: s groove is too good :slight_smile:

2nd- hrmm caddle (all u got is luck on ur side and i wasn’t in my fullest) :confused:

3rd- hrm KJ (hrmm i see three yun in the screens :/) im more drunk then those blunt bastards…

4th- james, sex (damn james ur A is too good!) :eek:

5 th- CoCoPuff (nice try coco ur good, if only u dont play me first match you would of own me free later on :bluu: )


1st- OOOugA (Damn the kid is too fuken good)

2nd- james, np (ur nice shiek, i would of give u a better challenge if i were more awake :bluu: )

3rd- KJ (man i blow all of my games :confused: never play red alert again before the tourny …)

4th- Ninja_hayato ( u did good kid but u are ezielly discouraged)

well its kinda good tourny overall, just infact there are alot of upset going around…

first people think salem gona take top 3 :confused: suur :o

then i wasnt playing my best…

then some people that were suppose to come probably got lost. and never show up my cell is dead :confused:

where in the world is marcel, greek?

Sep, ur getting better so keep up ur practice and u might become better then me if i ever lose my interested in mvc2, but i doubt it…
i dont play it everyday or even have time to play these game anymore.:bluu:

delpis u cant beat me son! thats a fact… i am god

sep and delpis hope u guys got home saftely. …

thanks for coming anyway.

lol sure i was lucky

I was lucky Jones was not at his best!

:eek:U R GOD!:eek:


was there an a3 tourny?

ooouga owns u all keep kicking ass kid i’ll be back in blood river soon what happen krazyjones i told you that kid is your GOD:lol: OOOUGA IS GOD:lol: :lol: :lol: :evil: :evil:

STOP BEASTIN s groove demon you are a demon a fucking demon DEMON DEMON:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: BUT OOOGUA IS KRAZYJONES GOD:lol: :lol: :lol: :evil: :evil:

what the hell happen CADDELS TIME TO TRAIN HARD CORE

wat team did pjc use in cvs2?

i forfeit because everyone was bitching about wanting to go so i just settled for splitting the money i might have won i might not have who knows all i really cared about is beating krazy jones’ ass and putting him in his place like i told alex I would several times k groove owns p groove 4 free lol

You aint got shit on me dog you better BREAK YOURSELF next time we play. :evil: :evil: :evil:


  Watch out philly


HMMMMMMM Krazy Jone Tits Lost and he know it and hes theory was that he was to own all games but it seems like he just got owned in all MvC, CvS Pharmacy, ans SSBM!!!

Well hes :lame: excuse was that he hasnt slept and it is true he didnt sleep though…

As for this OoUgA Hes Fucking goOod at SSBM but dont count on him wnning the next tourney if hosted bcuz im learning some new devestating tactics and comboz to use againts his gay doc.!!!

Anyways the Next tourney we gonna go to is “B.I.N” ( Best in New York ) which i hope Ouga do a good job and get 1st place or second as for me i will probly get owned by some random dude…
Have to rep the Mass and Own!!!
:evil: :evil: :bluu: :evil: :evil:

sure savath you suck i cant believe people think you are good

lolol caddles that was me. You need to chill with savath he just ignores you.

S N K ! ! !

whats up mr fuck :slight_smile:

PJC is way too good.


SHHHHHHH If you let others know I might have to KILL YOU!

that shits heavy:lol: :evil: