F/s dreamcast and custom sticks w/mvc2, 3s, st, cvs2 and puzzle fighter

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mike chaos made that shit?
that is the grimiest shit i’ve ever seen.

he gets mad props for that shit.

grimiest as in good/awesome? or grimiest as in bad/crappy?

mike chaos has some of the sickest setups i’ve seen

Please do not be too offended by this, but how about I simply give you a REFUND ( $50 ) and I have MY STICK back? I highly doubt that anyone will buy it for $100, because even I would not have sold it to you for $50+free shipping, had it been a better stick ( the buttons are concave, the stick is a hard spring, the bottom part is missing and it is chipped on both sides )… I am honestly not trying to ruin your sell, but I really do not appreciate the fact that you trying to sell a low-quality stick for more than the amount it is worth ( I paid a little more than $100 for it when it was new, and that was 3-4 years ago ).


man, that dreamcast package is looking like a mighty fine deal.
oh well, i don’t have the money, so someone should snatch it up. :rofl:

interested in the DC, can I get details on the games? if they come with everything, etc

Schooling someone in street fighter has just taken on a whole new meaning.

LMAO!! +props

I will buy the dreamcast stuff for $50. You can keep the games…

If thats the case, id take it for $45. $100 is way to much for a used beat up, that seen better days. Plus anyone that buys it, their gonna mod it. PLus id kill for just the case

pm sent

If you are wanting just a DC, I can do business with you. PM me.

As for the sale, that desk stick looks good.

Betcha a donut his “comes with mvc2, street fighter II turbo, 3rd strike, capcom vs snk 2 and puzzle fighter” means “one burned copy of TDC Final v2”.

In which case he forgot to add Ikaruga to the list :rofl: