F/S HAPP Stick

Hey guys, we just got in a TE stick at my Gamestop, so I need some funds to pick it up.

Wooden Case
1x HAPP Competition Joystick
6x HAPP Competition Buttons (2 White, 2 Orange, 2 Blue)
2x HAPP Player Imprint Buttons (1P, 2P)
1x Sanwa OBSF Button (Black, on side)

[]Case doesn’t leave room for 1P and 2P screws, was planning on gluing them down when I got art in it, but never finished it. Lost the nut for them.
]Bottom had some stain come off, didn’t get around to fixing
[*]Clear material on top isn’t perfect, couple of small scratches on it.


Currently wired with a Cthulu in it, but I will be unwiring it to keep my board so I can dual mod my stick.

Price is $70 + shipping (About $10 east of Mississippi, $15 west) OBO

EDIT: My first time selling here, though I’ve purchased things off of here, and have sold bowling balls and purchased them on ballreviews.com. Also, here’s a link to my Ebay profile: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bulacamalacsays&ftab=AllFeedback

bump up.

If you just want the box, I’ll sell for $50 plus shipping.

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