F/S: Madcatz Brawl Pad shells (No PCBs)


I swapped SF4 shells on 2 Madcatz Brawl Pads, so I don’t need these shells.

Condition: Used, like new* (PCB is not included)*
Note: Brawl pads have a different button layout compared to the SF4 fight pads
Brawl Pad button layout:
*(LT) (RT) *

  • (X) (Y) (LB)*
  • (A) (B) (RB)*

SF4 fight pad button layout:
*(LB) (LT) *

  • (X) (Y) (RB)*
  • (A) (B) (RT)*
    When I did my shell swap I took the brawl pad button layout setup into the SF4 shells, so I’m selling the Brawl pad shells w/ the SF4 button layout.
    Quantity: 2 (The Rock & Triple H) & (Hulk Hogan & John Cena)
    Price: $13.35 (shipped/each)
    PM or email me @ ejaylozano1[at]hotmail[dot]com, if interested.