F/S: Madcatz TE Fight stick bezel/frame (white)

Item Madcatz TE Fight stick bezel/frame (white)
Condition: Used (came off my MVC fight stick)
Application : Madcatz Fight stick (TE model only)


Sample application:


Price: $16.48 (shipped)
PM or email me @ ejaylozano1@hotmail.com, if interested.:nunchuck:

Still available…

$18.65 Geesh… I sold my red one for $10.00 plus I sent it for priority mail. I thought I was going steep.

something something you’re a dumb 09er something you’ll get banned for judging something

Am I doing it right?

:tup: Thanks HeyImCrimson! Price reduced to $16.48(shipped). FYI: Madcatz sell them $22.49(shipped)

Aaargh I just searched yesterday for bezels and I didn’t see this =\

Just FYI, you can buy a dustwasher and get free shipping with the madcatz one. I had 5 colors in my shopping cart and added one dustwasher and it wen’t to free shipping.

So basically, add a dustwasher, save 2 dollars or so.