F/S: MadCatz TE stick $80 shipped & XBOX 360 arcade $100 Super Street fighter4 $20

sold all sold

PM sent

so what comes with the xbox arcade?

I may want dibs on the TE if not already taken. Please let me know.

Sent you a PM.

I sent you an email… I think.

Pm’s replied. I’ve still got the stick. The Xbox arcade comes with what it came with. Cables and power supply plus a wireless controller.

I was the first one to see this thread and I didn’t get a reply :frowning:

Ssf4 sold.

new price

Jouki, I’ve tried PMing twice and PM’d a mod since I don’t meet trading outlet requirements (although it just says selling or trading, im buying.) But I’m located in Peoria, AZ and willing to meet up for the TE stick. Thanks

hey…what chipset is the 360? jasper hopefully…

Is the TE for X360?

Do you ship worldwide?

stick has been sold. XBOX 360 does have the jasper chipset.

pm’s replied, thanks for the sales so far.

Lower price. Good to go!

if you still have the xbox same time this week i will gladly take it off your hands. dont get paid till next friday.

yo you got pm…sorry my inbox was full earlier

payment sent