F.S sigma av5000 supergun



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that is so awesome.

Do you have any technical specs on the AV5000, I can’t pick it up now, and not for a while, but I am interested, as I planned to build a supergun from scratch.

Can I use it with any Arcade PCB, that supports Jamma, or how does that work?

Technical specs… I have all the pinout information and the power supply supports -5v alot of superguns dont. You can use it with most any arcade pcb the only thing ive had problems with is the naomi gd roms. But you can pretty much use it with any jamma pcb yeah

Ah ok, thats cool, can the Naomi be retrofitted?

Again, I am not in the market unfortunately for it, and saw you selling it on multiple forums, but if I either win the lotto, or something similar, I will be back, if you still have it :slight_smile: But good info to know.

From what I understand it’s just that the Naomi + GD-Rom sucks up more juice than that alot of superguns can supply. You’ll have to search, but it seems most people get around it by just using a bigger PS.

You might also want to list it on the shmups forum as they’re heavily into PCB collecting. http://shmups.system11.org

Thanks Nikkos, and if its still here one day, Ill try to pick it up :slight_smile:

thanks nikkos

Can you use regular Neo-Geo Pads and Joysticks on this Supergun? And are you sure the PS supports -5 Volts? Thanks.

when u tried the naomi gd rom did u have the naomi power supply as well? I want to pick up a supergun just for a naomi set up with gd-rom I am about to get, but want to know what the issue was that you had. Thanks!

the finger board has a spot for -5 volts so i assume it works with -5v pcbs
and as for the supergun itself it comes with a standard neo controller so yes it does work with neo pads

here is a link to some pics and specs