F*** Super SF Turbo! This is the OFFICIAL Puzzle Fighter is coming to XBLA thread!

YES BABY! Super Puzzle Fighter is FINALLY coming to Xbox Live Arcade and I am one happy camper! I’ve been waiting what seems like 50 years for this game to get ported to home consoles with online play!!! It’s almost too good to be true!!!

Let’s use this thread to talk about:

what parts of th game you’re excited about the most
what strategies you’re gonna use
what you think it’ll play like on Xbox live
which controller you’ll be using
How will Capcom deal with the netcode and will it be laggy.

Official statement:

Some more info I dug up earlier:


Man I’m SOOOOOOOOOO gonna own you clowns this fall! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh and how could I forget… tag = Isamuu

No Fuck You

^ lol ^

the thread title is a little exaggerated.

Not really there are tons of closet Puzzle fighter fans out there. Bust out SPF2x at your next console tourney, and see what happens!! I cant wait for this game, too bad its not on the regular XBox as well. I have it on my phone and its fun.

Edit: Ohh you all are in Cali, so you might actually have real arcades near you!! :rofl:


Im with ya on the S Puzzle fighter 2. I was telling noob on DOA4 that i was gonna own them in it when it drops. LOL at the No Fuck you…and the title is kinda off the chain. Neway…my gamer tag is drasticfyre. see ya soon

im down for the cause yo…

Almost there guys! :slight_smile:

Oh, I Fux Wit Some Puzzle Fighter For Reals!

when is this coming out?

watch the cussing in thread titles please.

My apologies :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll hear something soon. Between this and Bomberman, man-oh-man!

any info when this is going to happen. I got 500 points left just for this game

In three weeks.

THANX…Gotta source?