F The Police

This is how police brutality and/or police corruption should be delt with…

These security guards try to get a few cheap shots on a guy who ran onto a Soccer field… and the fans are having none of it, and open a can of major whoopass. Watch those fuckers flee!



I’m 100% posative this has been posted before, so whatever… Still related though… Fuck the police…

I don’t like cops. There, I said it. Those guys were ASSHOLES! I hate assholes, they are only good for holding up shit.

Cops are there to SERVE the common good but so many incompetent assholes go all " I AM THE LAW " over shit that basically a pissing contest. Fuck em all.

I’ve been lucky to have dealt with good cops in my run ins with the law. Sadly there are far too many of these scumbags. In the first video it’s good to see citizens sticking up for their fellow man when wrong is being done by those in power. America could use that.

Too bad it’s in Portugal. I fucking hate Portugese soccer. Their national team is a (talented) disgrace to the game. There’s a reason C. Ronaldo still gets booed anywhere he plays outside of Old Trafford.

On a completely unrelated note: the video for ‘F*ck the Police’ by Sodom is Metal indeed…

i fucking hate police

Look at this bullshit


I fucking hate police.



What a faggot, he can’t even cuff a spindely 15 year old girl and he goes and does that?

Yeah man, I was begining to wonder why he’s even on the force… If it had have been me I would have just grabbed her arms and cuffed them, I honestly fail to see why he found that arrest so dfficult. I mean, what the hell will he do in serious situations? Run away + backup assist?

This is why cops get shot in the face here.