F.Throw -> Dash -> F.j.lk

F.Throw -> Dash -> F.j.lk (late)

This is an easy setup as is needs no judgement of time or whiffed normals to get right. However, it’s only useful on specific characters.
Some characters can beat it with their normal reversals, some needs to delay their actions which makes it way harder, some needs to use their supers or ultras, some can’t reverse it but can still escape, and some can’t do nothing.

  • If a character has a special move that wins over the setup, I won’t look into supers or ultras. If a special move is not required to use EX, that gets highest priority.
  • If a character has a special move that escapes the setup, but is easily punished for it even on reaction, I will not consider it an escape.

Red name shows that the setup is horrible
Yellow name shows that the setup is ok, probably a safejump under special circumstances
Blue name shows that the setup is great, almost always a safejump
Green name shows that the setup is brilliant, unblockable

B = Blocks no matter direction on blocking
F = Get’s hit from front if blocking wrong (knowing the setup opponent never blocks wrong)
C = Cross up if blocking wrong (same as above)
U = Unblockable

DISCLAIMER: I might have missed some possible delayed special moves, normal moves or even jump cancelled special/super/ultra moves to beat the setup. Please help me make this complete!*


Ryu ---- B ---- Shoryuken (SRK) wins
Ken ---- B ---- (delayed HP SRK) wins
Honda ---- B ---- EX Sumo Head Butt wins
Ibuki ---- C ---- can avoid: Kasumi Gake
Makoto ---- B ---- Light Fukiage trades ---- pretty sure you can do EX Fukiage to win, but I dunno how to, can someone confirm?
Dudley ---- F ---- Cross Counter wins
Seth ---- F ---- SRK wins
Gouken ---- F ---- Kongoshin wins
Akuma ---- B ---- Ultra 1 (U1) wins
Gen ---- B ---- No escapes or wins.
Dan ---- B ---- SRK wins
Sakura ---- B ---- No escapes or wins.
Oni ---- B ---- No escapes or wins.
Yun ---- B ---- “SRK” wins
Juri ---- F ---- Counter wins/escapes
Chun ---- B ---- EX SBK wins, can avoid with Hazanshu
Dhalsim ---- C ---- Super wins, can avoid: Yoga Teleport
Abel ---- F ---- EX Change of Direction wins; U1 wins, can avoid: roll??
C.Viper ---- B ---- EX Seismo wins, H.TK trades
M.Bison ---- B ---- EX Phsycho Crusher wins
Sagat ---- F ---- EX TU wins; charged H.TU wins
Cammy ---- U ---- U2 wins, can avoid: EX Quick Spin Knuckle
Dee Jay ---- F ---- Light Jackknife Maximum wins
Cody ---- F ---- U1 wins
Guy ---- B ---- EX Bushin Senpukyaku wins, avoids with Hozanto
Hakan ---- B ---- U2 wins
Yang ---- B ---- No escapes or wins.
Evil Ryu ---- B ---- SRK wins
Guile ---- B ---- No escapes or wins ---- pretty sure you can j/c to auto correct your Flash Kicks, can someone confirm?
Blanka ---- C ---- can avoid: Backstep Ball
Zangief ---- B ---- Double Lariat trades, can avoid: EX Banishing Flat
Rufus ---- F ---- EX messiah wins
El Fuerte ---- F ---- U1 wins, can avoid: back run
Vega ---- B ---- U2 wins?
Balrog ---- B ---- Super wins, U1 wins, can avoid: turn punch
Fei Long ---- B ---- Can avoid: rekka x2
T.Hawk ---- F ----, Normal jab trades, Delayed EX Tomahawk Buster wins
Adon ---- C ---- Delayed HK Rising Jaguar wins, Reveral LK Rising trades
Rose ---- F ---- Super wins

against ryu and honda you make it safe

f.throw, dash, hold forward for a pixel, j.lk

against dudley its about the j.lk timing if done correctly you can stuff reversal counter

im pretty sure that you can cover fei longs escape with a buffer OS

against rog is good to use different set ups but if you are using u2 you are better using that set up better

f.throw, dash, j.tc os u2

Also, for Ryu, the same setup actually works in the corner. It’s a safe jump but if he blocks you locked yourself in the corner so, maybe not the best to overuse :frowning:

its not a true safe jump ryu can use delayed mp srk to beat it but all other options are stuffed or just whiff

Even though I’ve known about this set up for a while, I just wanted to compliment the threads author. There are some really good details about specific match-ups here.

It takes hard work to study than document tech, so I just wanted to give Crus_ some props.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

If you do it the way Malva said, it beats ex sbk and puts chun into a reset state. I pretty much use this setup against the entire cast with few exceptions.