F*** you, watch this


Ninja Scroll: You dont like cartoons, or the anime style. You dont like Ultra Violence and Rape. Know what, Fuck you, Watch this. Its got a decent story line, great animation, and awesome action. This shit shaped anime, cartoons, violence, rape, and bad assery for 3 decades now. If you cant appreciate that, go watch Bring it On 6, cum on! A white girl’s struggle through a black high school where they all learn a valuable lesson.
You knuckleheaded motherfucker.

Ghost in the Shell: Yeah its slow at some points. But this shit can be redone 20 years later and still not capture how awesome it is. Like HD remix vs ST. You dont have the attention span? Fuck you, Watch this.

Inception: Yeah yeah its new. Yeah yeah everyone likes it. But its better then the Matrix, and everyone loved that shit too, so ya know what, Fuck you, Watch this.
Know what, watch MEMENTO instead. Its even better then inception.
I dont know how a motherfucker with short term memory loss can remember he has short term memory loss, but its a good fuckin movie.
Suspension of disbelief you sweaty cunt rag.
Get into it.

Dog Bite Dog (Dragon Dynasty): Dont like subtitles and fucked up ass movies. Fuck you, Watch this. This movie is the shit, wincest, cop killing, assassination, motherfucking lone gunman doin dirt, revenge, twisted shit, and it keeps you guessin.
Want a better explanation.
Keep waiting you spoonfed toddler.
Go watch the movie for yourself.

Flash Point/ SPL, Killzone: Donnie Yen. If you dont know who this motherfucker is, allow me to introduce the baddest kung fu motherfucker to ever fuck your mother.
This dude fucked your mother.
Then he made a movie about it, twice.
Jackie Chan went head to head with Donnie Yen in Hong Kong. Lost.
Jet Li tried to retire when he tried to face Donnie in Hong Kong.
Those guys are sposed to be bad ass in the US.
They aint shit bitch.
Donnie Yen.

Seven Samurai / Yojimbo: The genre of western, spearheaded by dipshit John Wayne, and respectable Clint Eastwood, is actually a rip off of Japanese cinema. If you didnt know, Akira Kurosawa made some dope motherfucking Samurai flicks.
Namely… Seven Samurai and Yojimbo.
Seven Samurai > Magnificent Seven
Yojimbo > Fistfull of Dollars
Dont believe me?
Watch all 4 films back to fucking back.
The black n white jap flicks pimp slap that gay ass shit to the dirt, spit on it, kick it in the groin, rape its woman in the street, light its house on fire, and takes a shit on your grandmothers chest, even if it has to dig that skeletor ass bitch out of its grave to do it.
Its like that bitch.
Deal with it.

Transformers Generation 1 / Transformers the Movie: Look, the story was suspecti in G1, and some of the movie is kinda bad. But nearly 30 fuckin years ago, some assholes trying to make toys first, and fit a cartoon around it did way better then the piece of shit movies that were adapted from them.
Transformers 1/2 and soon to be 3, are fucking horrible.
They suck ass.
Its not like G1 and the movie are any good.
Its just that they are better, had less to work with, and didnt need the “star power” of that whiny fucking white kid… or that acme sledgehammer thummed porn star wanna be white bitch.
They didnt need that shit.
They didnt need an Ipod or even a DVD. They had VHS and fucking TAPES motherfucker. Soundwave shot motherfucking TAPES out of his chest.
And he was still a bad ass motherfucker.
You give that all thumb bitch a tape recorder/player and some foam earphones that make her look like a princess Leia wannabe, and those fuckin movies would tank.

Revolver / Rock N Rolla: I like Guy Ritchie. He is like the brit version of Quentin Tarantino. He uses great dialogue and pace and rewards his audience with violence. Rock N Rolla is just like Snatch, its got good music, pace, dialogue, and a similar story line. Mayhap not as witty as Lock Stock, but good enough to fucking watch.
Revolver is a much more serious enterprise. Its cerebral dealing with many Buddhist or Eastern philosophies, wrapped up in a crime drama.
Its a good fucking movie, but nobody saw it.
Fuck you, Watch it.
Just cause youre too fucking stupid to understand that you are not the voices in your head, doesnt mean you cant try to understand that you are not the voices in your head.
Or does it?
You stupid piece of shit.

Fuck you, Watch these movies.

Dickless sheep.

was it in the two ninja scroll like tv series videos that near the end the dude got his arms and legs chopped off and some bitch raped his torso? Also i remember someones dismembered finger, finger raping some chick.

Sounds like Ninja Scroll: Resurection. A much inferior and unrelated series banking on the movies’ success / name.

As enjoyable as the movie was, it’s much like Kawajiri’s other flicks. Wicked City, Vampire Hunter D. He seriously needs to try new characters and dynamics between them.

Ps. Fuck You watch this: Running Man. One of his short films. Saw it on Liquid Television along with Aeon Flux. Scratch that. Watch Liquid TV, period.


Sorry not really a fan of the TV series. But in the movie, the main bitch gets tongue raped by this rock dude (I mean he is suckin on her tits frenching her and eating her pussy, not too bad for a rape n all), who ripped the arms off her BF and drank the blood out of the arms. Then later on gets fingerd by a dude who had his leg chopped off, who at least has the decency to lube his finger fuck with spit.

You might be thinking of the movie Ninja Resurrection, which tried to take the popularity of Ninja Scroll by giving it a similar name and animation style.
Which is pretty shameless considering how Ninja Resurrection sucks major ass.
While Ninja Scroll rapes major ass.
And not in the prison afraid to be a man ass rape, where you need stitches and get gangrene of the asshole.
But the porn style ass rape, where bitches want to suck your dick even though its been in their ass 2 seconds ago.

I watched all that shit. Now what?


I like your style, but there isnt much in the way of movies to enjoy anymore.

Go outside.


I agree donnie yen is the baddest kung fu mother fucker to fuck my mother, but rock and rolla wasnt nearly as good as snatch or lock stock. imo. also i am i dont think u are supposed to swear in the thread title.

no fuck you

wait there were word in the post

vueh i can tread

But its like almost 5 am and I live in the ghetto. If I go outside I’ll get robbed. I think I’ll just go to sleep. I’ll go out when its daylight. That way I dont get robbed and no vampires will get me.


Fuck you, watch this.


Ninja Scroll’s animation looks dated and the storyline was crap. Also there isn’t even an actual scroll in the entire movie so why is it called Ninja Scroll what the fuck fuck you.

None of these guys would be where they are if it weren’t for the master Bruce Lee paving the way :rock:

i’m sorry, but this made me laugh

And Ninja Scroll: Resurrection had very little violence in it. Definitely no finger bang scene, or missing limb rape. First one at least had that stone mother fucker rip off the one dudes arms, and drink his blood, then later threaten to rape a dead girl

Well Bruce Lee was a disciple of ip man and…

I would have love if tony jaa started making decent movies and stopped living in the woods or whatever he is up to.

Yo, you gotta check out the baddest, mu’fucking all girl t-time in K-on Niggaz. Crazy bitches up in the twin tails getting down real freaky like with that cake shit. Fuck you, that shanky toast mouth bitch gets all fucked up and acts the fool. For real.
Peak of entertainment, motherfuckers. You don’t like it? Yous gonna get stabbed by a burly ass lesbian with jheri curl eyebrows. Hardcore.

Lol. I love this thread. While I don’t think RAPE is that important to have (lol you and the anime rape) I think straight up Bad Ass Movies are very important and a dying art. Hollywood is ran by middle aged pussies now. They were in their teens in the 70s, given us random ass classics and adolescent bad assery. Then the 80s and 90s came Hollywood were like men in their true prime. Hollywood had bravado. Hollywood was like an Ayn Rand novel. Hollywood was about quality.

Then something happened in the late 90s and into now and we are having entire summers where we leave the movies saying “Meh.” Meh? What kind of shit is ‘Meh?’ Outside of Inception and Scott Pilgrim (and Expendables could have been filmed better) this summer blew ass. Only bad ass movie we have left this year is Machete (and to a lesser extend Tron 2.0). Instead of bad assery I come to a movie theater where the ONLY posters in the cases and standees on the ground are for “The Kids Are Alright.” Fuck the kids. I want to make this face 0_0 or this face :rock: when I go to the movies.

And damn anime. I don’t even know where to start. Japan is a shadow of it’s former awesome self right now. I am filled with so much disappointment when I think of Japan’s entertainment business.

Last I heard he joined a monastery supposedly to avoid having to pay off his debts owed to production companies.

I don’t see how you can discuss rape and anime without mentioning Mezzo Forte. I’m talkin Hardcore, dual penetration rape scenes lovingly animated at the same level as Ghost in the Shell or Akira. Oh and there’s a story and gunplay/action too… in case you’re into that sort of thing…

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