F7 Arcade Stick Question

Hey hey!

Quick questions. I recently bought a random 360 stick on ebay made by F7 Arcade and I am encountering a strange problem.

First let me get this out of the way and say that I wasn’t expecting super quality when buying this stick I was just really curious as to what it was like, and the primary reason I bought it was to mod it. However after trying it out I notice the stick has a strange glitch. Whenever the stick is plugged in (it is wired) it registers a mic being plugged in with it. Note that the stick does not have a mic port on it.

This means that my wireless 360 headset will not sync with the stick, instead it will sync with whatever other player slot is available. I have for the record tested the mic with my other sticks and controllers and everything functions fine.

My question is, has anyone experienced anything like this in the past with a different stick? And/or has anyone bought this same stick model and noticed the same glitch?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Anyone have any ideas or answers?

Hey! This will be my last bump anyone have any ideas? Or related experiences?

Thanks! :smiley: