FA follow ups



Let’s discuss some FA follow ups and I’m hoping to put the result in the combo thread.

I never really got fancy with any of the FA follow ups but I started messing around with it more in training mode.

Here are my findings thus far:

level 2 FA (level 3), c.mp xx hk fk = 248 (308)
level 2 FA (level 3), b.hk, c.mp xx sb = 255 (315)


level 2 FA (level 3), c.mp xx sb, c.hk = 237 (297)
level 2 FA (level 3), b.hp (close), c.mp xx sb, s.hp = 283 (343)
level 2 FA (level 3), b.hk, c.mp xx sb, c.hk = 310 (370)
level 2 FA (level 3), b.hk, c.mp xx sb, s.hp = 315 (375)


level 2 FA (level 3), super = 356 (416)
level 2 FA (level 3), half ultra = 301 (362)
level 2 FA (level 3), full ultra = 404 (464)

I usually do c.mp xx hk fk because its easy to do (unless I have ultra). I know you can create really long strings in the corner with FADC’ing but its more flash than substance and imo, a waste of meter.

Is there a general rule for sb follow ups? I’ve seen the turn punch and the step kick both combo after a sb (as part of the FA followup combos) but its not consistent out of the corner. Is it dependent on the opponent’s hitbox?

Right now I’m thinking, excluding ultra and super, if you get a FA crumple outside of the corner just do c.mp xx hk fk, but if they are in the corner, its best to do b.hk, c.mp xx sb, s.hp (or c.hk if you want the knockdown). There is a 1 frame link but an extra ~70 points of damage is worth it to me.


Char specific:

fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb = 290

fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb = 290

fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb = 290

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, step kick = 310

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, backfist = 315

fa, b.hk, c.lk, s.lp, s.hp = 275

fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb, turn punch = 350

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, c.hk = 310

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, backfist = 315

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, c.hk = 310

fa, b.hk, s.lp > sb, backfist = 280

fa, b.hk, c.lk, s.lp, s.hp = 275

fa, b.hk, s.mp > sb, backfist = 308

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, step kick = 310

fa, b.hk, s.mp > sb, c.hk = 308

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, backfist = 315

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, backfist = 315

fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb = 290

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb = 255

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb, backfist = 315

fei long
fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb = 290

fa, b.hk, c.mp > sb = 255

fa, b.hk, s.hp > sb = 290


I’ve seen cl.hp link from b.hk. Or am I just smoking?


Originally posted by Syngin, and the second time i’ve reposted it because of how awesome it is.

You can close this thread now.


How do you dash forward mp > flash kick from FA?


I’ve seen that before but everyone seems to have different followups and I was hoping people could shed some insight on why they do what they do. For example, doing b.hk, c.mp xx sb is a popular choice, but its only 7 points more damage then just a simple c.mp xx hk fk and its harder to do with a 1 frame link. That’s also why I’m curious if there’s a rule on when a follow up turn punch or c.hk will connect other than being in the corner.


When you are charging the FA, before it hits you can release the mp + mk and double tap forward to buffer the dash. After this input hold downback and you will see your character dash after the crumple. If you do it right you have enough charge to do c.mp xx sb or fk.


They show the most damaging/stunning combo on each character. Take note, cause if you want to do the most damage(without meter) after a FA crumple midscreen, these are the combos to do. And yes, they are character specific. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dashing then doing a c.strong > FK though. It’s simple guaranteed damage. Remember too that the simplicity of the combo is all relative to the skill of the player. Some might think b+rh > c.strong is easy enough to go for everytime after a FA crumple.


You also have to keep in mind that some of those combos dont end in a knockdown…


Fuck those guys haha.


One of my philosophies with Guile is that I simply need to take damage when I get it. If I know a FK is going to hit for example, I now EX it for the extra damage. I find myself losing by the smallest of margins and if I had c.mp xx EX FK instead of just c.mp xx fk, I would have won.

I will go and remember which ones worked on what character, 300+ damage is better than than my 248 and to me worth attempting the 1 frame link.


Another advantage of c.mp > fk after a crumple is being able to cancel the fk into a super if you have the meter (otherwise, as stated, EX ftw).


Actually, since I’m underway, I’ve been spending a lot of time in practice mode working on the universal midscreen:

Crumple > b.hk > c.lp > c.mp xx hk flashkick.

I realize that this is a rediculously hard combo, with two one frame links. However, by plinking the initial b.hk to make it meaty and plinking the c.mp, I essentially get a 2 frame window of error on both tricky links. I already have the timing down on the c.lp > c.mp combo, so I only really have to commit the entire sequence to muscle memory. Hopefully when I pull back into Japan in a couple months, I’ll be ready to use it.


Do you happen to know the damage on that combo? I’ll add it to the list but I probably won’t be able to pull it off :blush:


NO! Don’t add it to the list! It’s worthless! Garbage! :arazz:

Compared to: level 2 FA (level 3), b.hk, c.mp xx sb = 255 (315)
That one is…: level 2 FA (level 3), b.hk, c.lp, c.mp xx (any) flashkick = 274 (334)

(Funny note, if you use EX flashkick at the end of that combo, the combo is still 5 hits due to EX flashkick being farther away, only scoring one hit… yet it does 5 more damage WITHOUT the second hit. :wtf: )

Now, normally I would say that 20 damage is still worth it, since I have nothing better to do with my free time underway when I’m not learning Japanese. Also, it can be super cancelled and looks friggin sick as hell. However, further investigation shows that…

level 3 FA, b.hk, s.hp xx boom (no followup) = 350 ( ! ) damage

If you EX it, that’s 380, only losing a mere 20 damage on the EX boom to damage scaling!

Considering that it’s easier to do than the c.lp > c.mp xx flashkick followup, does more damage, AND allows for corner and character specific followups I think that this is the absolute official most damaging followup to learn after an FA.

Time to go learn me some character specific followups. It would be nice if someone could post a list for those who can’t view the video. :wink:


Wow the damage is a lot lower than I expected considering it has a hk and a fk. I guess the spacing is bad so the FK only does 70 pts of damage instead of the 130-150.

I had a hard time getting s.hp (close) after a b.hk, it came out as the standard s.hp so I moved onto other combos but I remember seeing it done in a TRF video recently.

I’ll also post the character followups from the video and edit my original post.


So i was trying the b.HK, s.HP link after an FA on Akuma today and something wierd keeps happening, but i don’t know if it’s just me.

After a LVL3 Focus, does the next hit get counter-hit hit stun properties?

The reason i ask is because i could get the link down 90% of the time after a LVL3, but about 10% after a LVL2!


Slinkun, what s.hp are you linking with b.hk? According to the frame data, b.hk is +4 on hit and all of his hp are 5 frames of startup. The only way to cancel to a sb is the close hp (where it looks like he’s uppercutting) but I can’t get this to link. I then looked at the frame data and theoretically this link isn’t possible.


When you do b.HK after the focus it becomes a meaty (if done correctly). This gives you extra frames and allows you to do combos that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


Interesting, is this documented or quantized anywhere like +25% damage is for a counterhit?

I wrote down the ones from the video, some of the numbers are blurry but it should be close.


Meaty attacks? Or the combos? Meaty attack combos are pretty big in ST/HDR, I don’t know of any meaty attacks after focus other than guile’s b/f.HK, with any character.