FA: Rose Quartz *stone* Ball Top. Hand Made by me


You guys may remember me from a few years ago. I made and sold glass ball tops. I’ve been stymied by the fact that I need a bigger drill press, and have never been able to justify the expense of buying one and immediately ruining it by running water all over it. So I gave it up.

Meanwhile, last fall I got back into touch with some stick builders here at SRK, and with butteroj who got me going again. The result is in this auction. It is literally one-of-a-kind, I’m almost certain it is the only thing like it in existence.

It is, however, imperfect. It has a slight gearshift-knob syndrome when you install it (it isn’t a perfectly centered insert), and the bottom had a nasty chip that came out of it as I was boring the hole. Neither impacts the playability.

I have a few more stone balls waiting to be bored - but they take time, a steady hand, and just well - a lot of work. They aren’t cheap to buy either, so I won’t be making a whole lot of these. I’m starting the auction off less than what I bought the stone ball for. Don’t know what a fair price is, so I’ll let the market bear that out. Not being greedy - these things are hard to make and expensive.

So if you want something one-of-a-kind, have at it. I have another rose quartz, one clear quartz, and a larger soapstone I’ll be putting up later on. I can’t give pre-orders on those because to be blunt, there’s no promise they’ll come out usable. As I have stuff made I’ll put them up. But for now:



I’ve been wanting your Stone Balls all the years.
I’ll wait more for when perfect can be done. :sad:


I’m flattered. I think?

Yup, flattered.


Oh, almost forgot - you can tweet @numbski if you have questions if you prefer a more immediate response. Tapatalk doesn’t really notify me, and eBay is clunky.


Awesome, can’t wait to see how the other ones come out! Def interested.


This is very sexy so I’m giving you a free bump


You usually make people pay?


Good ta see you again, numbski. I got stuff on its way if you havent gotten there yet. :slight_smile:


Will be here today, thanks. UPCB kept dropping connection to the 360. Will put this in my main stick while I figure out why my UPCB is acting up. :slight_smile:

Meantime, I am hoping to get a few more balls done this weekend. Going to be up over 100 several days in a row here. Scorching.


Didn’t sell. I’ve re-listed it with a minimum bid of 1 penny. If it doesn’t sell this time then I know you guys really don’t like me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love your balls numbski, I gotta say though ebay for me at least makes it kinda look unattractive for people. Why don’t you just ask for what you want. People would surely pick it up then dude.


Because I didn’t know what was fair, and “make me an offer” is against the rules around here. :\


Might try that with the next one. Just want the temperature in St. Louis down out of the 100’s so I can work without roasting. Brutal. 9 days in a row of this, tomorrow will make 10 . Unreal.




Right here!


Awesome. Should get that out today. Never shipped to Canada before. No idea of transit time.


Sorry for the delay. Actually went out today. PayPal shoul have sent tracking info.