FAB execution

I know that SPD is a 360 motion that really isn’t a 360, more like 270 as I can roll forward to up back and the SPD comes out nicely. But is the FAB a TRUE 720? or is there a shortcut method to this move as well? I’ve seen people do crazy things like walk forward FAB(no not using EO-ISM), how is this possible?


i tried like a forward to up-back twice and it seemed to work… i jumped in or buffered a LK though…

The way I do it, and get it to come out best, is to do an actual 360 followed by a 270. The first 360 you just have to hide behind something that will groung you, like a standing short, blockstun, or hitstun (my fav :evil: ), or by doing it in the air or a roll. After you have the initial 360 done and you’re still on the ground, just act like you’re doing a regular SPD and BOOM! they just got thrown.

Yeah. You can just buffer a standing LP also before you do it. Either method, the double 270 or the 360+270 would come out that way and the LP would appear almost invisible. However, if your hands are quick enough the double 270 would work w/o a buffer. I have done this a few times over the years, but still prefer to buffer them.

Walk up standing lp to 720 is the the closes i get to walking 720:(

I haven’t play gief much in cvs2 but I think it would work the same way it did in the alpha series.


gief gots a glitch with balrog. balrog got like a big hit box. you can 720 from a far distance. like a m.k away. you can also jab, short,spd. its almost like st. remember its only for balrog