FAC + Ultra after Tatsu


I’m new to these forums, even though I’ve been reading them for a little while now.
I discovered a lot of very useful tricks, but some of them are very hard for me to perform, so I guess I’m looking for some insight.

I discovered for example that DP moves can be performed with :df::df: instead of :dp:
I also discovered that to FAC + ultra, I don’t need to dash and then perform the :qcf::qcf: command, but rather just perform the :qcf::qcf: since it should also make me dash in the process…

So in theory, a combo such as the most infamous Ryu’s DP + Metsu Hadoken should be easy to pull off… (I’m coming to Tatsu + FAC ultra after this)

:df::df: :hp: :mp:+:mk: :qcf::qcf: :3p:
instead of
:qcf: :hp: :mp:+:mk: :r::r: :qcf::qcf: :3p:

However, at least in my experience, it is far from being easier. In fact, most of the time I can’t seem to be able to dash out of the FA with :qcf::qcf: , moreover, even if I manage to dash out of it and push the 3 punches, the ultra doesn’t come out.
What gives?

Now as for Gouken’s Tatsu + FAC ultra, the timing is even tighter.
:bdp::hk: :mp:+:mk: :qcf::qcf: :3p: just doesn’t work for me.
What’s strange is that when I perform :qcf::qcf: :3p: only, it works just fine, but when I do it after a FA, it either:

  • doesn’t dash (I need to be faster on :qcf::qcf: in this case)
  • dashes but the ultra doesn’t work. Gouken stands there without hitting the guy.

Also, in training mode I enabled the imput display to see what I was doing wrong, but most of the time, I perform the moves the right way and at what seems to be the right speed. It really confuses me.

Could you guys give me some insight on how to do this?
Thanks :china:


when you add to this the fact that when you successfully cancel tatsu into ultra, sometimes the ultra whiffs, there is a huge warning sign on combos of this nature.
it would be worth the effort if you could link jabs into tatsu, but not as it is.

I was just trying this combo in the corner in training. Most of the time, I’d tatsu, FA, dash and be on the other side of the person – making the ultra turn into an EX counter.

You’re doing the tatsu too close to the other character. You have to be a certain distance away in order to not go under. Otherwise, I think you have to reverse the motion.

noontide is correct. its easiest to do HK tatsu from the furthest distance possible then dashing in and qcfqcf. for me i do the dashes individually. i cant manage to dash cancel using the qcfqcf.

as for being close to your opponent while doing tatsu -> ultra if takes very strict timing. i can get it about 35% of the time. but it either whiffs or im to early. again like noontide said. tatsu dash forward and qcf the opposite direction since you are now on the other side.

Hey guys, I’m new to Gouken, I’ve been making the switch from Fei, I’ll probably end up using both, but this is the only way I was able to land it:
I’m almost certain the timing for a close tatsu is impossible, or really fucking stupid and not worth it. Maybe if someone programmed a pad to do the motion, but other than that, there’s better ways of landing the ultra.

Was that a Whirlwind Kick -> FADC -> Ultra? Also qcfqcf no matter how fast I input the qcfx2 it never dashes out of a FA for me.

Gouken does seem like a definite step up from Fei with all the ways he can put you into a juggle state and keep you there.

I thought the exact same thing while trying to gt the last part of the Hard Trial done for Gouken. The QCF method DOES work, but you need to be very fast.

I was at it for an hour straight wondering why I wasn’t dashing out of the focus attack. Then I switched sides where I can move the analogue stick faster (unfortunately I’m still using my Xbox 360 controller).

Here’s how I rationalise it…
Tatsu > (hold FA when kick connects) > QCF (fast) > QCF(fast) > (release FA) > PPP

To be honest other than getting the Trial 4 Hard Challenge (which I’m still stuck on lol) this combo isn’t very useful unless you can pull it off off the bat.


Agreed. If they got rid of the sweep range distance hit, added an easier hit confirm similar to a srk, and added a low hitbox, I would use it all the time. It doesn’t even need inactive frames or more time to input the command. As for now, no one would dare risk whiffing the move or burning an ultra.

As for the double qcf method, I find it easier to just dash normally and then double qcf to get the combo because there’s less of a chance to whiff the ultra.

Untrue. I didn’t start using Gouken because he’s “A step up,” I started using him because they play nothing alike. Fei Long is RTSD, while Gouken is tactical juggler. With Gouken, I can play safe and wreck some shit in a good 4 seconds, and with Fei I can run around and confuse the opponent whilst running through every attack they throw at me. I like to have a character for every situation.

i main ryu but came across this thread.

using the ultra motion to dash sounds easy but its really tricky to pull off in practice compared to the normal motion. This is because using ultra to dash requires you to release the FA after the ultra motion. You cannot simply push down the rest of the buttons to get all 3p so instead you end up either not getting the 3p at the end or the negative edge from releasing the FA causes you to whif something. Hope this helped, i used to have the same trouble.

Ok, I’ve finally nailed Gouken’s hard trial 4 (yay). It’s been a very long process, but one that has been very rewarding and has allowed me to perfect my stick manipulation skills (new stick user since SF4). Here’s a couple of observations.

  1. I used to input the 2x QCF motion all wrong. In most cases, the game considered these inputs to be correct, a bit like the DP motion shortcuts. Wrongly inputed 2x QCF will not work when trying FADC though, the input needs to be perfect.

  2. The 2x QCF motion needs to be executed very fast. Practice makes perfect, and the human brain is an incredible tool. I used to have trouble correctly inputting a single QCF motion and I can now input doubles with perfect input. After 3 months of practice of course…

  3. Try inputing the first QCF as you press FA. As soon as you see Gouken dash, release MP+MK. As soon as the dashing stops, press LP+MP+HP. The transition was a pain to learn, but now I can,t even seem to remember why it was hard in the first place.

  4. Tatsu > FADC > Ultra does not work on Sagat (and perhaps on other big characters?), or at least I can’t do it. I nail the move about 8 times out of 10 now, never been able to do it on Sagat. On another note, it’s way easier to do Senkugoshoha > FADC > Ultra and nail the full animation on Sagat (or on big characters I assume) than it is on smaller ones. In fact, I think I’ve never missed a 3 part animation on Sagat, whereas on Dan for exemple, I can’t seem to do it, I catch them mid-air.

  5. Completing Gouken’s hard trial 4 makes your life empty.

Wow, I seriously thought doing tatsu > FADC > ultra on Sagat was going to be hard and I did it on my second try. Check your spacing and make sure you’re not too close, it wasn’t hard.

Then I went after EX palm > FADC > ultra on Dan, and you’re right on that one, it’s impossible to land a 3 hit animation on him, so you have to dash twice, then you can land the whole thing.

Hah, damn, I’ll have to try it again then! We’re you using EX Tatsu?

OF course not. HK all day every day.

I gotta keep practicing then, must not be inputting it fast enough.

I was playing with a few friends last night and I notice d.mp>tatsu> is a great little combo. Every time they tried to jump over me i would dash under and do d.mp>tatsu. I pulled off alot of d.mp> tatsu>fa>dash>supers. I read the post about doing FA wait for the kick to hit then qcfx2 but you can dash after the kick hits. Which made it really easy to land the super. Can someone test to see if they can get the ultra to connected after the dash? I only get a one hit animation.

I already know for a fact getting the ultra off of that is impossible. The focus just doesn’t have juggle properties like that. If it did, I’d have some SWEET ass combos by now using it.

And another thing, I see everyone saying to FADC the tatsu with the QCFx2 motion. Am I the only one who actually dashes and THEN does the ultra motion?

I didn’t see anybody comment on it, so i guess i’ll mention it just in case

The 2x qcf motion does work very well, but what helps it a tremendous deal is, when you press FA , you press forward with it, when i normally FA cancel, I would press

:r::mp:+:mk: , :r:

when i do it this way, i dont have to hold FA, it just comes out pretty consistently, so when i do my 2xqcf dash i make sure to

:r::mp:+:mk: , :qcf: , :qcf: :3p:

The dash should occur after the first qcf, you you just gotta finish, this works way better using ken and ryu, the timing is alittle trickier with Gouken but I have used it, I hope it helps someone

You are right about pressing forward as you FADC. However, from my own personnal observation, you can replace the first forward input by a QCF motion, which does the same trick. So, FA + QCF, QCF, PPP. Works like a charm once you get the timing right.