Face Buttons on TE-S Chun Li not working


Hey guys, this is something weird that I’m not sure what to do about. Over the last month my face buttons (ie. all 8 buttons) go out during match and don’t work unless I repeatedly plug it and unplug it while switching it from PS3 to 360 mode where it will work and last either 10 minutes to a couple hours. I’m not sure whether I need to swap the PCB out completely or if it’s just a button problem, or w/e else it could be. It has the original PCB but it’s also dual-modded with a 360 fightpad, and when I change it to that mode the buttons don’t work either. Is there anything I can test to find out what the issue really is? I do have a PS360+ lying around if it is a PCB issue. Any help is appreciated.


is there any lights blinking on or off?

What kind of stick are you using?


There aren’t any blights blinking at all… do you mean the turbo buttons? Nothing that I know of is blinking

The stick is a TE-S Chun Li edition for PS3, that I’ve dual modded with a 360 fightpad.


On which console is it not working on?


I’m playing on PC, used to own a console but don’t play on it anymore:( sorry I forgot to mention that, but I’m not sure if that really matters… does it?

Anyway, when I’m switching between PS3 and 360 mode (via holding the home button), on both modes the face buttons don’t work. However, by random chance after constantly switching back from 360 to PS3 mode eventually the buttons do work.

Also should mention, that at times in match, inputs completely drop for the face buttons and I can’t press any buttons (for like a second or two in match), then right away they come back. I think this most likely is a PCB issue but I’m not entirely sure, never been very tech-savvy.


You could have a loose ground wire for your buttons.


Just made sure all the wires are correctly in, seems to be alright for now. I’ll update if anything happens, in any case thanks for all the help guys