Facebook Child Abuse Awareness Campaign: Lame? Or Helpful? Vote

You either know what I’m talking about, or you don’t. Private voting, one vote only.

Definitely not helpful. But definitely not lame.

Turning my profile picture into limp wristed Skeletor for a few days was definitely not lame.

I dislike hive mentality.

It’s going to rain. Then again, it might not rain. In my network, most people did it for the lulz and didn’t have the awareness part to their status.

Hey everyone! Post your favorite food as your profile pic to eradicate world hunger…or don’t and have just as much impact"

How does making your avatar into a cartoon going to stop child abuse? It’s not like psychotic, violent parents are going to see the avatars and change their whole way of life. Besides, without child abuse we wouldn’t have strippers or pornstars.

fuck that noise.

what about niggas getting con’d by golddiggers and paying tons of money for child support?

I petition that everyone change their profile pic on FB and avatars on SRK to Nas the Rapper for the N.obel-men (or Niggas) A.gainst S.impin’ Organization.

Men need the same rights as women when concerning Child Support, Alimony, ect. Also, we need to teach our fellow men the proper steps to prevention of simping and getting totally fucked over by these unruly women.

Who’s with me?

well, advertising companies spend millions of dollars raising awareness for their product

changing your profile pic doesn’t really raise awareness though, unless you explain to people why you are doing so. so nowhere near as effective as real marketing.

That’s basically how I feel about it. If you want to help end child abuse, go here or some other related charity instead: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Ive always had my profile pic as a cartoon character, everyone else doing it was stupid. and whats facebook gonna do for it? this is like when justin timberlake said he wasnt going to use twitter for A WHOLE DAY for national aids day. O. M. G

Well, I would have to say that it has worked. As this…whatever it is, has increased awareness of child abuse. I hadnt really thought about it (child abuse) since ya’ll started talking about it in the lounge. So for the time being im more aware of child abuse. Will I do anything with my new awareness? Absolutely not. Continue to not abuse my children. Unless you call twisting his/her arm and makin’ them call me sho-nuff abuse. I just think its funny.

It was a dumb idea.

Twisting their arm? No.

Making them call you Sho-Nuff? I’m calling Social Services.

I changed my profile, but I also donated. I think most people are just changing their profile pic for the fun of it

So yeh, it’s lame if you do it and don’t donate or do something positive towards the cause.

I think it will make it worse, You think someone who hates kids is gonna wanna see nothing but spongebob,Batman and Sailor moon on facebook and like i? Someones getting beat.

I would think that Batman is acceptable to both pro and non-child beaters.

The way you guys all think about it is dumb. Try to think of it less about total donations or someone joining some service and try to think about that one word, AWARENESS. If this is an awareness campaign then it is serving its purpose. Its making people aware. Just because you dont donate to something on facbook or some other social network or dont go out and join some campaign doesnt mean you’re not aware. Even if one person just talks to someone else about it (child abuse) then this campaign is serving a purpose.

I mean, all of you guys are aware of it now. And you keep on talking about it, and if someone else happens to look at srk today and notices this topic then they will become aware and so on and so on. And some of those people wont do anything and some will do something. So, in the end its a good thing.

K Fine, Spongebob,Hey Arnold and fucking yugioh… Happy?

How does not using something that spreads information make sense on an awareness day. UNLESS its actually a boycott, because twitter developed and spread AIDS a couple of decades before its creation to avoid suspiscion, HOLY SHIT!!! Justin Timberlake stumbled onto the greatest cover up since the Divinci code
WAIT A MINUTE - Justing Timberlake :r: Justin Wong :r: Fei fong wong :r: Xenogear :r: Gears of War :r: World War 3 :amazed:.

Justin Timberlake’s assassination over his discovery of the twitter/AIDs conspiracy will be the spark that sets of world war 3, someone get him into withness protection ASAP.

Also cartoon pics to stop child is completely retarded.

I was so confused when I logged on Facebook and all of my friends’ faces had disappeared, I assumed I was dreaming so I went out and raped some children without fear of repercussions.

A classic case of slacktivism. The people who are changing their pics probably never cared about child abuse until they saw a few of their friends change their pics and wanted to be apart of the new trend. Its wrong.