Facebook-Fighting Game Fanatics JOIN UP!

Hey guys on Facebook there is a page called Fighting Game Fanatics. This page was made to cover all kinds of fighting game discussions, Sponsored Players, And there scenes. Their is not that many member’s right now so that’s why I advice you to join up NOW by replaying to this thread! and spread the word the link below is the link for the page.


What? No.

what do you think srk is?

I don’t trust anyone with a Marn avatar…I’m fine with SRK forums.

No thank you. Most fighting game FB groups I know of are full of people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Just like SRK, oddly…

what is a fighting game

A miserable little pile of hitboxes

marvel vs capcom 3 with dark phoenix out and x-factor popped

fight me