Facebook Hold'Em


Does anyone else here play? Wanna play?


do tell? what is this?


It’s just a poker hold em app for facebook. I just wanted to hook up with other SRK players. No real money is involved.

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I play. It’s entertaining. If I play, I’m always in the California casino.


I’d like to play. SRK should set up a casual poker league


I have an account strictly set up this: please add me so I can find you on the app or show me an easier way to do it.

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Done. It’s kinda hard to play seriously since it’s fake money and people play with trash hands.


K-6 suited? Why the fuck not, ALL IN.


J-6 suited.


But yeah I tried getting good at Poker by playing on the internet when I first got big into it, and found this out the hard way. The smart players just keep folding when someone tries that bullshit(Or occasionally call if the cards are in your favor) and the person should hopefully get the message that no one’s gonna play like that.