Facebook X The Line Contest

Hey guys, go vote for your favorite entry in the Facebook Cross the Line Contest.


Here is my entry! https://apps.facebook.com/xthelineroundone/contests/160618/voteable_entries/34635796 Give me a vote if you can. Check out the other entries too.

The idea was to pick what team you would be one and make fun of the other team. You were able to pint out masks and pretend to be the characters. It was pretty fun!

Here is my entry! HA HA

They have a bunch of other contests coming up too!

The contest is absolutely the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen but you did good.

Thanks. It’s a great way to win the game for free or a PS3. Ah well, kids and I had fun. :slight_smile:

Im in the second round contest. Congrats on winning the first round bro. Add me and vote for me on fb. I have the cross dressing chun li picture.

Third round contest! Check out the all of the new entries and vote for me if you like it!

Browse entries: http://apps.facebook.com/teststreetfighterapp/contests/160956/voteable_entries?page=1&wfrefid=b9faaf000db1

lol gems in a plate, nice drawing. If you tell me where to go I’ll vote for you

EDIT: NEVER mind you posted the link :rolleyes:

I was a winner for round 3!!

Here was my entry :slight_smile:



Please vote! I don’t really have many friends on facebook.


These are the last two days to vote, so I have to go for broke here! If you’re already on facebook, all you have to do is click on “VOTE NOW” and leave. Thanks again!


My cousin and I entered together, we already lost 2 rounds, so we are trying really hard to win this last one. Feel free to message me after you vote so I can thank you properly.



That’s supposed one of Nina’s win pose in Tekken where she steps on her opponent haha.

damn she gets my vote any day of the week! :wink: