Factory from hell

Here’s a massive ball point pen drawing I did that took a ridiculously long time to finish. The dimensions are something like 24x36. This is what happens when a doodle gets out of hand.

Shit Zombie, this amazingly good considering it was done in ball point pen. Interesting structure and designs. You say it started off as a doodle? Where did you start the pic at?

Glad you like it deon, I started with those gasmasked guys marching in the bottom left and it sorta grew from there.

That is freaking awesome Deranged Zombie, I draw mostly with Uniball pens than pencil, teaches me not to make errors.

I like how the pic evolved on its own, I think there’s a certain beauty in that. I like the whole organic industrial feel, with the pipes and smoke and the water - it does make me wonder what kind of screwed up activity goes on inside that thing.

good pic :slight_smile:


D.Z this piece has quite alot of detail to it…when one has momentum they tend to keep going with it- I like your sketch works man…keep up the good job.