FADC and gamepad


Hi, i’m playing by a PS3 controller and have troubles with FADCs due to dashes input so hard on analog (i cant switch to D-pad because my thumb is really hurt). I tried Evil Ryu’s SRK > FADC > Ultra 1 for hours and just succeeded only 1 time. So lease help me with 3 questions:

1/ Is there any tips for this problem?
2/ Which characters have no FADC in their combo or not depend on it (like Shoto-chars)?
3/ I heard somewhere that C.Viper is easier on gamepad rather than arcade stick, is this right?

  1. Use the d-pad and bind mp and mk to x and square. Your thumb hurting on d-pad is normal but it will get used to it when you play a lot.
  2. Akuma, though everyone kinda “depends” on fadc either to maximize damage or stay safe.
  3. I wouldn’t know why. Grapplers might be slightly stronger because pulling off 360’s and 720’s should be faster. Don’t think it matters which character you use with which controller. It’s all about dedication and commitment.


I’m used to analog, I pretty much use focus attack every match. Viper basically has an unusable focus attack, it’s too slow. It’s often used more for counter hits than combos unless your using Akuma or something. Don’t worry about it, some people spend decades learning how to throw a fireball, it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to learn how to use focus attack constantly with any character.

  1. I used to use a regular controller. I never touched the analog stick, I thought it was extremely hard to use. I found the D-Pad to be easier.
  2. I think Zangief would be the last character to FADC. He’s got one of the worst (if not the worst) dash in the game and he can’t FADC into Ultra like most characters.
  3. I think C. Viper is much harder on a controller. Like I said, I used to play with the D-Pad and Super Jump Cancelling is very difficult to do on that.


By the way, i also have some queston about Viper.

I’ve already known she is a difficult character, in the first time touch her i also think (like most of other newbies) that “How the hell this character easy?”. But what a same, after many hours practice, i realized she’s not “easy” like that. Her moves input is no problem but the techs like FFF or SJC between moves and then cancel it into another moves, are require a lot of practices.

OK practicing is not a problem, but i still don’t understand much about her playstyle. I watched many pro players’s replays and see that they focus on zoning, spacing and bait/counter the opponents with special moves. Her “combo” is quite different for me, it’s almost involve to SJC and feint rather than long combo of other Shoto-chars (due to her shitty normals and focus attack, i think).

So is it right or wrong? I wanna pick Viper regardless of her difficulty, because i want to play mindgame without FADC.