FADC blocked dragon punch help



I’m practicing demon flip palm wiff into dragon punch and canceling the DP if they block but it seems impossible to do unless you know they are going to block before you use it. The only way I can cancel out of a blocked DP is to do the FADC immediately after inputting the move, which doesn’t allow me to confirm that its being blocked which defeats the purpose.

Any suggestions? I’m using ibuki as my training dummy, could this be character specific?


you can only fadc the first blocked dp hit in Ultra SFIV.


You should always expect a DP to be blocked. That way you’re always ready to FADC out of it if it actually does get blocked. If you accidentally fadc out of it and it does hit, just dash forward and do another one.


or dash forward, plink cl.mp to tatsu to Srk like you should…