FADC corner reset

I saw this mentioned in previous threads, but I couldn’t find a specific thread dedicated to this reset. Since this reset is character specific, I felt the need to make a single thread for this. For those of you who do not know about this reset, you need two conditions…

  1. Your opponent must be airborne from a light tatsu(not sure about others but this is how I start my resets)

  2. Your opponent must be in a corner

After the tatsu, perform a reset with any normal of your liking, though I would recommend crouching jab as it comes out faster so your opponent will have less time to react. Also, I believe this is the easiest reset to perform and my list is based of me using crouching jab. After using your normal, perform a quick FADC. Yes, you FADC out of the normal. The window is somewhat small for you to perform this reset. If you did time it correctly, you should end up on the other side of your opponent. This is an attempt to confuse the block direction. This is what makes using two stock worth it as you may potentially stack another bnb combo.

Now for the list. Again, this is character specific, annoying as it is, but here’s a list of my results. If you guys find out anything else let me know and I’ll update this list.

M. Bison
C. Viper (She’s weird. Apparently it doesn’t work when she’s in a corner, but it looked like it should have worked, so I tried it without the corner and it worked. Basically you can do change of direction anywhere on the stage as long as it is not too close to the corner. Also, I believe only crouching jab will work for her as other normals will just knock her further away.)
Dan (lol…)

Fei Long
Chun Li
El Fuerte

Yes loads of failures, but the C.Viper find was interesting…

Note that these are just my findings. I am not advocating for this reset nor imply that you incorporate it. This is merely data.

I have a crappy webcam so a video tutorial would be hard.

Holy shit! This is awesome! I can reset out of the pooper with this!

Well, this is mentioned in the reset thread you know…you could just expand on it in that thread.


Yes, I did say I saw this somewhere, but I could not remember. There a moderator that can merge this thread???

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